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Wed Jun 19 12:10:30 IST
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News Posts by Jayashree ❖ Amita*^

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Today (01:27) Secunderabad railway station fights plastic menace with its eco-friendly shredders - The Hindu (

News Entry# 384563  Blog Entry# 4346726   
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A girl put plastic bottle in the plastic bottle crushing machine at Secunderabad railway station   | Photo Credit: KVS Giri
It is rush hour at Secunderabad Railway station. We wade our way through a packed platform to get to the escalator. A family of four, carrying their luggage, stop at a machine in a corner and place an empty plastic bottle into an opening in the front and watch as the machine crushes it into bits. The family has done its bit to kill the plastic monster and make the world cleaner.
has been a year-and-half since South Central Railway (SCR) installed this eco-friendly plastic bottle shredders at Secunderabad railway station to minimise plastic waste on its premises. The station now has 12 machines spread over its platforms and the coach yard. In fact, Kachiguda railway station had first installed a plastic bottle shredder machine three years ago.
Interestingly, these shredders at Secunderabad have been placed right next to the trash bins, for a good reason. Station master Ch Jayaram explains, “This is to make it convenient for people who usually throw plastic bottles into the bins, to instead put them in the shredders. Some continue to throw them in dustbins, but our cleaning staff picks up these bottles from the bins and putsthem in the shredder.”
Made of solid metal, these green coloured machines that run on electricity work 24x7, as railway stations have uninterrupted power supply. Jaswinder Osahan, senior manager-operations of Updater Services (facility manager for this railways station’s operations and maintenance) explains, “Once the bottle is placed in the slot, it drops down slowly so that the rotation blades take over to crush it into small pieces, which are then collected in a container. The next bottle can be put in after 30 seconds,” pointing out that the shredders do not have any capacity constraints. The shredded material is collected in a bag, given out to a vendor, who in turn hands it over to an approved recycler. The technical and housekeeping department handle the operations of the shredder.
The bottle shredding machines are installed through funds provided under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the stations. The first machine was donated by HAL and now IRCTC is also on board. These shredders mark SCR’s steps towards proper disposal of the vast number of used plastic bottles that accumulate at stations and thereby implement an environment-friendly waste disposal system.
In Secunderabad station which has a footfall of of 1.5 lakh every day, these shredders are making an impact, albeit slowly. . “We collect, on an average, eight to 10 kg of crush per day from all the shredders,” reveals Jasvinder, attributing the number to low awareness among travellers. “Some people confuse the shredder for water vending machines. They put a coin inside the slot and wait for water to come out. Also, we have to make sure that people do not put glass bottles inside the machine.”
Time constraints of passengers pose another hurdle to wider usage of the machines. “It is not a junction where people roam around on platforms or wait for long to catch a train. There is a huge rush, people either board the train or terminate their journey here. In both the cases, they either come at the last minute or immediately get out of the station. They don’t pause to use of this facility; instead they just carry empty bottles outside,” says PRO Shakeel Ahmed.
However SCR’s initiative has considerably reduced the littering of stations with plastic bottles. “It is a common practice among families to travel with many water bottles. They throw these empty bottles in the station and buy a new one. Sometimes they even throw them on the roads. Now, travellers use the water vending machines and some people avoid buying plastic water bottles.”
While the drive to beat plastic pollution catches on at railway stations, its social impact slowly integrates more people, which Jayaram is quick to call “a positive step.” He elaborates, “This eco-friendly step works in two ways — we not only stop rag pickers and beggars from using the harmful plastic bottles, but prevent taking them outside the station premises to sell or end up in landfills,”
Shakeel says with pride that Secunderabad zone has been at the forefront of introducing sustainable initiatives. “SCR was the first zone to have LED lights in its office complexes and residential quarters, by 2018. This is one way of doing our bit for a greener tomorrow. When railway stations become a platform for these eco-friendly practices, people also take them forward.”
On a positive note, the sustainable practice gains momentum as hospitals and temples are enquiring about the dynamics of these shredders.
So next time you are at a railway station, put your plastic bottle in the shredders, and prod others to do it too.
Today (01:27) Railways to induct country’s most powerful diesel locomotive soon (

News Entry# 384562  Blog Entry# 4346724   
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The country’s most powerful diesel locomotive, WDG-6G, is set to debut in Indian Railways with South Central Railway (SCR) hosting the trial run.
The locomotive, most powerful among those in use in Indian Railways, is ready to undergo Confirmatory Oscilograph Car Run (CDCR) trials and join the fleet of locomotives of Indian Railways.
“The WDG-6G Diesel Locomotive will be put on trials on the Vikarabad-Parli section of South Central Railway very soon,” the SCR said in a release.
The WDG-6G, a massive-yet-lightest 6,000 horse power (HP) diesel loco in the world, is built by General Electric (GE), Pennsylvania, U S.
It is based on GE’s Evolution series and is fitted with a 16 cylinder V-16 Evolution series engine, a four-stroke fully turbocharged and inter-cooled machine, and comes with an electronic fuel injection system for higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions as compared to any other diesel locomotive being used by the Indian Railways.
The driver’s cabin too has been equipped with modern features.
The induction of WDG-6G is the offshoot of an agreement that the Indian Railways has entered into with GE for setting up a new diesel locomotive shed at Marhowra in Bihar.

Rail News
Today (02:18)
visluc1991~   419 blog posts   65 correct pred (68% accurate)
Re# 4346724-1            Tags   Past Edits
This shows work culture difference between american and european companies. GE which got contract at same time with alstom has completed a all its delivery as per schedule whereas alstom locomotive is no where is picture.

Rail News
Today (06:39)
Subhra Sankha Saha   22 blog posts
Re# 4346724-2            Tags   Past Edits
It could not be understood why IR introduces diesel loco inspite of on going project on 100 percent electrification..
Perhaps for back up process ??
anyone pls tell me..

Today (06:43)
rdb*^   35565 blog posts   495904 correct pred (83% accurate)
Re# 4346724-3            Tags   Past Edits
U r right, Its back-up plan for loco / power / grid failure etc.
रेल राज्य मंत्री सुरेश अंगड़ी ने मंगलवार को विभाग के अधिकारियों से कहा कि वे तीसरे दर्जे सहित बाकी दर्जों में सफर करके मुसाफिरों से सफाई सहित दूसरी सेवाओं पर उनकी राय जानें। यह निर्देश रेल मंत्री पीयूष गोयल की अध्यक्षता में संपन्न हुई बैठक में दिये गए। इस बैठक में क्षेत्रीय रेलवे/उत्पादन इकाईयों के महाप्रबंधकों और मंडलीय रेल प्रबंधकों ने वीडियो कांफ्रेंस के जरिए हिस्सा लिया। इस बैठक में अंगड़ी ने अधिकारियों से कहा कि रेलवे की पहुंच गरीब से गरीब आदमी तक होना सुनिश्चित करें।अंगड़ी ने कहा कि अधिकारियों को जनरल सहित सभी श्रेणियों में यात्रा करके देखना चाहिये कि शौचालय और डिब्बे साफ हैं या नहीं। यात्रियों से बात करके उनकी राय को समझना चाहिये ताकि उनमें सुधार लाया जा सके।गोयल ने भी मंडलीय रेल अधिकारियों से कहा कि वह रेलवे बोर्ड द्वारा रखे गए महत्वाकांक्षी लक्ष्यों को पाने के लिए एक टीम के तौर पर काम करें। रेलवे...
बोर्ड के अध्यक्ष विनोद कुमार यादव ने कहा कि महाप्रबंधकों को ट्रेनों के संचालन में सुरक्षा संबंधी परियोजनाओं पर नजदीकी से निगाह बनाई रखनी चाहिेये।
Yesterday (14:53) Faster trains soon! Bhaupur-Khurja section of dedicated freight corridor to open in November; what it means (

News Entry# 384502  Blog Entry# 4346101   
  Past Edits
This is a new feature showing past edits to this News Post.
With the shifting of freight trains from the Indian Railways main lines to the DFC route, the network will be decongested, resulting in faster movement of trains across the North Central Railway zone.
Indian Railways network eyes infrastructural boost! In a big development for the dedicated freight corridor (DFC) project, the Bhaupur and Khurja section of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC) in Uttar Pradesh (UP) will open by the month of November this year, according to a recent PTI report. This will result in the reduction of pressure and congestion on the saturated trunk route of the North Central Railway (NCR) between Kanpur-New Delhi, stated the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation India Limited (DFCCIL).
DFCCIL is the organisation responsible for implementing the DFC project under the Railway Ministry. With the shifting of freight trains from the Indian Railways main lines to the DFC route, the network will be decongested, resulting in faster movement of trains.
According to the report, the decision to open the stretch was taken in a meeting between the DFCCIL and the NCR zone recently. Both the parties studied a detailed review of every aspect for the targeted project completion. Besides the targets, coordination issues among various executing agencies were also examined and finalised.
According to a statement released by DFCCIL, the DFC corridor will not only help the NCR zone run passenger train services efficiently with enhanced punctuality but will also ensure the availability of more time for the railway track and other asset maintenance. Hence, this will enhance the overall safety in all train operations across the network. Additionally, it will also help in the non-interlocking work of Tundla, which has been long overdue. Tundla is the only main rudimentary yard on the major trunk route from the cities of Kolkata to Delhi which is operated and handled by hand lever arrangement. The entire DFC network will be completed by the year 2021, according to DFCCIL.
Meanwhile, according to an earlier report, the first traction sub-station (TSS) of 63 MVA (mega volt ampere) was charged at Biruni near Tundla on the Khurja-Bhaupur route of the EDFC on May 25. Along with this, a 2 X 25 KV overhead equipment (OHE) from Biruni to Dariyapur with a length of 66 km had been charged. This development was an important milestone for DFC because it would pave the way for the movement of freight trains which are being pulled by the electric locomotives.
न्यायालयाने रेल्वे प्रशासनाला धारेवर धरत कायद्याची अंमलबजावणी करावीच लागेल, असे बजावले आहे.
अपंगांच्या सोयीबाबत उच्च न्यायालयाची रेल्वेला विचारणा; अपंगस्नेही स्थानके नसल्याबद्दल ताशेरे
मुंबई : शारीरिकदृष्टय़ा अपंग प्रवाशांचा लोकल प्रवास सहज आणि सुलभ होण्याच्या दृष्टीने अंपगांच्या डब्याचे दरवाजे ‘फ्लॅप रॅम्प’ पद्धतीचे बनवता येतील का वा लोकल फलाटावर काही सेकंदांऐवजी एक मिनिट थांबवता येईल का? अशी विचारणा उच्च न्यायालयाने सोमवारी रेल्वे प्रशासनाला केली. तसेच अपंगस्नेही स्थानके आणि फलाटे उपलब्ध करण्याबाबत कायदा असतानाही गेली १२ वर्षे त्याची अंमलबजाणी न गेल्याबाबत न्यायालयाने रेल्वे प्रशासनाला धारेवर धरत कायद्याची अंमलबजावणी करावीच लागेल, असे बजावले आहे.
सेंटर फॉर ह्य़ुमन राइट्स अ‍ॅण्ड लॉ’ या संस्थेने केलेल्या याचिकेवर सोमवारी मुख्य न्यायमूर्ती प्रदीप नंद्रजोग आणि न्यायमूर्ती नितीन जामदार यांच्या खंडपीठासमोर सोमवारी सुनावणी झाली. त्या वेळी अपंगस्नेही स्थानके आणि फलाटे उपलब्ध करण्याच्या मागणीसाठी १२ वर्षांपूर्वी जनहित याचिका करण्यात आली. मात्र स्थानके आणि फलाटे अपंगस्नेही बनवण्यासाठी रेल्वेतर्फे आवश्यक ते प्रयत्न केले गेले नसल्याचा आरोप याचिकाकर्त्यांतर्फे अ‍ॅड्. मीनाज यांनी केला. अपंगस्नेही स्थानके आणि फलाटे उपलब्ध करून देण्याबाबत वेळोवेळी समित्याही नेमण्यात आल्या. त्यांनी त्या दृष्टीने काही शिफारशीही केल्या. तरीही परिस्थिती ‘जैसे थे’ असल्याचे न्यायालयाला सांगण्यात आले.
न्यायालयाने त्याची दखल घेत १२ वर्षे याचिका प्रलंबित असूनही समित्या नेमण्याशिवाय काहीच न केल्याबाबत संताप व्यक्त केला. या समित्या नेमण्याचा काय फायदा झाला? असा सवाल करताना परिस्थिती ‘जैसे थे’ असल्याबाबतही न्यायालयाने नाराजी व्यक्त केली. अपंगांना सहज सुलभ प्रवास करता येईल यासाठी त्यांना सुविधा उपलब्ध करण्याचे कायद्याने बंधनकारक आहे. त्यामुळे त्याची अंमलबजावणी करावीच लागेल, असे न्यायालयाने रेल्वे प्रशासनाला सुनावले. त्याचवेळी लोकलमधील अपंगांच्या डब्याचा दरवाजा ‘फ्लॅप रॅम्प’ पद्धतीचे बनवणे शक्य आहे का? अशी विचारणा न्यायालयाने केली. असे दरवाजे असल्यास ‘व्हीलचेअर’वरील अपंगांना सहजरीत्या डब्यात जाता येईल वा उतरता येईल, असेही न्यायालयाने म्हटले. मात्र दिवसाला अनेक लोकल गाडय़ा धावतात. प्रत्येक गाडी फलाटावर काही सेकंदांसाठी थांबते. शिवाय उपनगरीय स्थानकांवर कमालीची गर्दी असते. या सगळ्या बाबी लक्षात घेतल्यास अशा पद्धतीचे दरवाजे बनवणे शक्य नाही. किंबहुना, उपनगरीय गाडय़ांसाठी ते व्यावहारिकदृष्टय़ा शक्य नसल्याचे रेल्वे प्रशासनातर्फे अ‍ॅड्. सुरेश कुमार यांनी न्यायालयाला सांगितले. त्यावर मग गाडय़ा फलाटावर एक मिनिट थांबवण्याची सूचना न्यायालयाने केली. तेही शक्य नाही. तसे केल्यास गाडय़ांचे वेळापत्रकच कोलमडेल, असेही रेल्वेतर्फे स्पष्ट करण्यात आले. न्यायालयाने मात्र या प्रकरणी तोडगा तर काढावा लागेल, असे स्पष्ट करताना दोन्ही सूचना आणि अडचणींबाबत रेल्वे प्रशासनाला प्रतिज्ञापत्र सादर करण्याचे आदेश दिले.
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