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Tamil Nadu Express - எங்கள் உயிர் துடிப்பு - Vijay Baradwaj

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Wed Oct 27 15:59:54 IST
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Blog Posts by BMTIR
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General Travel
Sep 18 (22:54)   06231/Mayiladuturai - Mysuru Festival Special
Siddharth S^~   23551 blog posts
Entry# 5069661            Tags   Past Edits
The evening sun lowered at the horizon, as the train ran through the green fields. The WAP1 of Erode Shed was in lead, taking with it a sleeping WAP7 . The coaches swayed at the speed as the darkness started to spread. The coach was almost empty with exception of very few passengers. LB, LB , SLB ticket was the booking for three of us . The 2 halts passed by without adding much to crowd, thanks to non presence of UR. 2S was packed with multiple bookings, as even short distance require booking now

overbridge crossed over as we passed through the entire PF-1 at good speed , the driver applying the brakes in the end to bring it to the halt. Being in the 3rd coach from loco has ifs own benefits of enjoying such rides.

About 30% of coach for our train boarded here, noone in our bay. After a few minutes halt, we left soon from Kumbakonam

The motormen special DMU waited for us as we sped through the mainline . Darkness had completely enveloped us and the lights of the highway and streetlights joined us for company. We had a few slow runs enroute, giving us a slight delay. The bridges over the tributaries and canals.of Kaveri, fed by the Aadiperukku water released from dams were despatched in the darkness.

The line joined us from the left indicating the arrival of Thanjvaur junction. Slowly entered into PF-1 and a huge crowd was waiting for the train, delayed by almost 10 mins . Our bay was occupied with a couple with 2 children . We slowly started moving out , and we craned to see the Brihadeeshwara temple , well illuminated with the lights, as the train picked up speed.

The younger of of the two suddenly took a liking , calling Mama , Mama for every inch of activity, that for sometime I forgot there was a window and I need to gaze out. Gulped down the last sip of tea and went to throw the paper cup, ensuring from my eye to prevent the child from following. The father ensured the same, but when I returned, I found the 2 little eyes still searching for me . Back to square one

We soon crossed Budalur , and the empty rake of Uzhavan bound to TJ post maintainence crossed us fast. Opened our packed Idly - onion chutney from home and gulped it down in meantime, as my little friend gulped down her dinner. We proceeded to Thiruverumbur in meantime and after a quick stop go, proceeded slowly past the Golden Rock station .

An elderly uncle came straight and asked us if it was S-12. Yes we replied, for which he kept the luggage in the SUB and said he will return shortly. We slowed down shortly to pull into TPJ PF-2 at 2015, 10 mins ahead of schedule

Waited for the boarding crowd to clear and got off the train. Advantage of being in last bay to have relaxed deboarding. Passengers seemed to board more orderly at TJ where it was 10 mins delayed and had only 2 mins halt. There was a chaotic boarding at TPJ

Searched for plain milk on platform with vendors, but met with negative reply. Went all the way till S3 searching with vendors and stalls and returned back when as last option decided to try one opposite to S11. The stall was crowded while going but now it was empty.

Milk available sir was downed by announcement for Rockfort being shunted onto PF-1 and Pallavan to enter on PF-5. Announcement went for the arrival of Kollam Chennai express on PF-4. WAP7 still stayed sleeping and coupled with us, while the WAP1 was detached and went off to PF end. The hot milk was served to mom while me and dad stood near window

Maaaaama... The voice came from window and I looked back. The smile was fresh as to having found something but suddenly turned dejected . Unable to recognise .. Of course , she saw me all the while with the mask on ( dinner time she was on other side ) and now with mask down she felt I was not same. Gulped down last sip of milk and put on my mask again, bringing the smile .

Oh you should have seen the tension, said my Mom. Maama has gone away somewhere without even informing and Thatha also went ( My dad ). I was like oh you missed me so much.

The signal moved to green and me and Dad boarded . A diesel now joined us at the other end, and we would be farthest away from the loco for some time .

A young couple had boarded at TPJ and had seated in the main bay and now my friend had become their friend. To stay put for sometime , I occupied the SLB SUB berth . There were already 8 people in our bay & plus uncle... Any upgradation?? Wrong ticket ??

Dad then said the uncle came and there was an arguement while I was on the platform. The Uncle was overconfident that the last berth at the end would be only 72, while in reality it was 8. 2 passengers claiming hold over same berth and then one had to return.

My little friend was now too engrossed with new found friends that she forgot about me. We slowly chugged into Trichy Fort station, the stairs of the Rockfort slightly visible. Not many boarding here and RPF instructing everyone to close the doors

We slowly started and I went to the door to position myself for witnessing the Gopuram of Srirangam. After a small hide and seek with the trees , the gopuram came into full view across river Kaveri, as the Road crossed the river. Illuminated in the night light, a beautiful sight among the darkness. Stayed at the door still the view disappeared and back to seat after latching same

Time to put up the berths, put them up and settled in the SLB, as Dad replied we will stay awake till Karur. Watched through the night lights, enjoying the speed , as the buses on the Highway gave us company. " Salem" beamed a TNSTC bus on highway .

After a quick stop start at Kulithalai, we were going at good speed. For some unknown reasons , S8 to S12 of this Mysore express always lacks a TTE on return . RAC passengers adjusted themselves in SLB , as confirmed passengers went off to sleep.

My friend was in no mood to sleep, and with train rocking, she found it better to enjoy than sleep. Offered them the SLB in place of MB, which they politely refused. My daughter won't sleep till 2AM, they replied

Saw the line joining on our right coming from Dindigul, indicating our arrival into Karur , about 10 mins before schedule. Dad offered to take SLB citing height issues for me, while I settled in LB.

We were past our scheduled time of departure, but hadn't got the proceed yet. A pulling sound was heard, as a freight train proceeded in opposite. The announcement went for the arrival of Coimbatore Nagercoil express, indicating the reason for our delay .

Passengers Kind attention please... Train number 06188 to Ernakulam is ready to leave PF-3 blared the announcement waking me up. The time was 2315 and we had arrived into Erode 20 mins ahead of schedule as the Karaikkal Ernakulam express was given the starter . We were allotted PF-2

Erode & night announcement always go together and loud speaker was blaring loud with advertisement. But sadly though , the changed name of Chennai Central created a essay of words, for most trains were bound to Chennai. So came in the first of announcement for 02602 " Dr. Puratchi Tahalaivar MG Ramachandran Central " bound express from Mangalore to Dr. Puratchi Tahalaivar MG Ramachandran Central arriving shortly in 3 languages , followed by the coach position for the train with the same repitition, the train entering, standing and departing with the same repitition. Even a person who stayed during MGR era wouldn't have heard the name so many times. Immediately after this came the announcement for the Allepey Chennai express with all the repitition as above

The announcement went on for the entering of 06235 Tuticorin Mysore express onto PF-3 , again 20 mins ahead of schedule. The loco has now positioned ahead of our coach again and gave a loud honk, our time to proceed. We departed slowly and I waited for the crossing of Kaveri bridge . Dhung dhung dhung dhung the bridge crossed at high speed as I went off to sleep. The time was ticking close to midnight..

Screeech screeech screech... The braking was getting released as I woke up sleepily. Time was 435AM and lights shown over. We were slowly picking up speed on mainline at Baiyappanhalli . Saw SLB and my dad was awake. Shall we get down at BNC I asked him

Yes yes, entrance will be closer, we will get down, for we have weight of sambhar onions , cashew also to tbe dragged , said my dad. Woke up mom as we approached BNCE. Why so early , she asked. Well to go home and sleep I said. Atrocious reaching early she said and got up, as we folded the bedsheets. The tracks points has cleared and we came to a halt on PF-1 of BNC. Saw the opposite berth, my little friend still fast asleep, as her mom asked " which station "?? Cantt I replied dragging the suitcase..

Thanks for reading !!
General Travel
Sep 15 (20:55)   02657/MGR Chennai Central - KSR Bengaluru Mail Festival Special
Siddharth S^~   23551 blog posts
Entry# 5067095            Tags   Past Edits
Once upon a time, three mails used to be displayed on the display board as we entered the station . The announcer voice used to boom with the words of "Mumbai" Mail as we entered. But now there was no Mail in display. Bangalore Mail was Bangalore special, Howrah Mail was long gone and Bombay mail was still missing

had already departed . Dhanbad was waiting for departure. Madurai AC was waiting for passengers. Yercaud was still asleep. We waited in the waiting space the fans running in full speed. Our Mail was yet to get a platform and we waited in waiting area.

​The day expresses Jan shatabdi , Shatabdi and Kovai were yet to arrive with the longies Kochuveli Korba and Gorakhpur Kochuveli waiting to meet each other . With the sleeping crowd at the station, Central is getting back it's old charm. 15 days back this wasn't there, remarks my dad .

​THe board says Platform -11 and we move with our luggage. Yercaud was on PF-10 and hence the island PF of 10-11 provides a crowded look. We drag on our trolleys past wading crowd to coach S-7, a 2017 make coach, with normal windows and settle down in our seats, as the upper berth passenger finishes the dinner

​The Nehru stadium stands in the darkness shadowed by the station lights. Pigeons flutter across the station past the tubelights. An empty EMU enters into PF-13 as another pulls out of PF-14.

​Yercaud departs on time, opening up a vast empty space. The shatabdi on PF-3 is visible from PF-11 without obstruction as announcement goes for Jan shatabdi entering PF-1. Another short EMU rake enters PF-2, empty except for a sleeping commuter near a door .

​An unknown train enters PF-4 as I strain my eyes. Kovai, I remark, before the AC coaches cross, revealing it's a sleeper. Kovai is a LHB , my brain reminds itself. Open the ears I say to myself, as the Kochuveli express from Gorakhpur pulls in , as the announcement goes

​Kovai top soon pulls in at 2250 hrs, 10 mins before schedule, with good crowd. Sharp 11PM we hear the starter and move out as we get ready to put up the berths . The Kochuveli Korba express pulls in just as we exit

​Ting Ting Ting Ting, the bell goes. My watch ticks 425AM and we exiting somehwere , definitely not Bangalore Cantt. Krishnarajapuram says the board as we pick speed, utilizing the mainline exit. Within minutes, we pass through a station gracefully, before the brakes were thrust and we stop at Bangalore East

​We leave almost immediately and checked NTES. The Tirupati Chamrajnagar Express was about 15 mins late and we were following in the same . Few minutes later at 438, we come to a halt at Bangalore Cantt. After 3 mins we proceed , with a continuous slow run, we cross past a growling WDG-3A of KJM that has shunted in Lalbagh onto PF-1 , with a MEMU rake on PF-2, as announcement went for Talaguppa Mysore express on PF-10 getting ready for departure ,Nanded express ready to enter PF-6 and Hospet express being cancelled ( Now again restored ).
Sep 14 (12:38)   02658/KSR Bengaluru - MGR Chennai Central SF Mail Festival Special
Siddharth S^~   23551 blog posts
Entry# 5065940            Tags   Past Edits
Thad Thad Thad Thad Thad Thad " - the sound like a bursting cracker jolted me up. I wasn't having a sound sleep, but the silence of the coach was disturbed by the thundering sound. What was happening I shuddered, only to realise it was the train on opposite track. It was about 5 mins we left Jolarpettai Junction and I hadn't slept till then, tossing and turning. The berth was pretty comfortable, the wheels were smooth as butter, and air from fan was sufficient. May be the silence around was stopping me from sleeping. Wasn't feeling thirsty as well, but I just couldn't sleep .

kind attention please- Train number 06021 Mysore bound special will be leaving PF-2 said the announcement at Jolarpettai . The watch showed 0050, we had had a very slow run from JTJ outer to inside PF and still reached JTJ in 2 hrs 10 mins of leaving SBC . Good run by sleep killer as usual , my 1st experience with the LHB rake of this train. It was the 1st LHB SL experience in UB and overall 3rd experience of a SL LHB, previous being the 12251 from YPR to KRNT (MB) . Other few experiences had been by the 16527 from YPR to CBE (SUB) and the AC 2A experiences in 22692 & 12551. The sliding windows in Mail was a new experience and the brightness in the coach was good. The coach, a 2020 product was qute a fresh piece with our bay having the dining table broken. We had the same coach, said my parents, who had travelled from Chennai the previous week

PF-8 to PF-10 were quite busy in the period, with the 06582 Hampi from Mysore reaching late by 15 mins, throwing the display board into chaos. Rani Chennamma was given the proceed as the departure of 06582 went on changing from 2210 to 2230 that Jodhpur express departure announcement was heard for 2240 but Hampi stayed on. However, at same 2240 hours we too got the starter and such a smooth start never ever experienced

Our train was full, not overcrowded, and there were no RAC allocation in coach. The wheels went smooth as butter as we entered into BNC in allotted 10 mins and surprisingly TTE had finished checking. This gives us 5 hours of lying down time and I just wished if it could extend a few more minutes into the dawn. But sleep killer is sleep killer after all

The cracker bursting of Palghat express had ceased and didn't pay much attention to any sounds therafter. May be I had taken a few winks in middle, for the next announcement heard was of the departure of the Chamrajnagar Tirupati express from PF-4 of Katpadi . Didn't see the time, assumed it must be around 2AM

We got the clearance too and the darting continued . Before long and after what seemed like a long sleep, woke up to find us departing a station. The time was 345AM and from the middle berth saw my dad craning out of window and then turning towards me. Get up he said, we have left Perambur

Slowly got up and packing the bedsheets and water bottle , woke my mom up, just as we proceeded past Basin Bridge junction, pulling into Chennai Central at 4AM after a 5 hr 20 mins run into PF-8, with Howrah Mail on PF-9 and announcement on for the incoming GT express onto PF-5 in few minutes , as rake of Sapthagiri occupied PF-7 for its scheduled departure at 620. The HOG LGD WAP7 that had slogged the night for us, gave out a huge breath as it prepared to rest for the day before the next allottment .

Thanks for reading !!!
General Travel
Aug 18 (19:52)   06232/Mysuru - Mayiladuturai Festival Special | SBC/KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore) (10 PFs)
Siddharth S^~   23551 blog posts
Entry# 5045027            Tags   Past Edits
Butterflies fluttered jn the stomach as I exited the "Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Nildana - Majestic" Metro station and walked down to the railway station. It's about 6 months since I last entered it and the feeling I endured was the same feeling one endures while visiting a friend's home after long . Walked passed the exit gates swiping the cards, and heading down to the subway , checked the status of the Ola auto my parents were taking. The auto was right above the subway I was getting down. So almost on time I think over

Ola restricted number of passengers to 2 and immediately a last minute plan was ushered to- book the Ola auto for parents and luggage, catch the metro in 15 minutes walk to help them with luggage at end. Well the end did not happen, while dad didn't want me to walk all the way to PF-7 entrance to pick the luggage to PF-5 . Anyway it's a dragging distance he said

So walking slowly , entered PF-1 where the LHB Karnataka express (06527 special) was stationed. The station was relatively with less crowd , majorly for 2 reasons - the non presence of excess unreserved crowd, and deterrent of the "see-off " crowd for passengers. The increase of platform ticket to Rs.50/- seems to have kept them at bay with only necessary people entering. Gone are the days when 5 people came to send off one person by train

The TV screen showed arrival of 06232 Mayiladuthurai express on platform 5 . The Marikuppam bound Swarna MEMU was exiting PF-2 with a loud horn. Slowly climbed back the step after passing through the near empty subway to reach the waiting area of PF-6, where my parents were just entering from opposite side and settling themselves .

The Kacheguda bound express occupied PF-5 while the MEMU occupied PF-6. Who is this, asked my Dad. Gave a smile and said " Devi Chamundi ". to astonished look of my parents. Mom was like " Changed to Chamundi local is it?? Nodded and said, yeah they run one more extra trip now . " Hey , that's running since long - Rajya Rani". I said " That's day - this is night ".

The EMD sounded the horn at 1820 announcing Kacheguda departure. Is next our train, asked mom. No, I said, Golgumbaz yet to arrive , as announcement went for Karwar express departure at 1840 from PF-8

If he leaves so early won't he reach Mangalore also early, asked my Dad. No Pa, he byepasses and goes to Surathkal directly. Then Mangalore?? He js at 2130, I said. Ok, 3 days via Mysore and rest via Kunigal?? No Pa they have also been seperated it's daily via Kunigal and 3 days via Mysore. Oh, that's good ,so now we can reach Gokarna directly ( He liked the atmosphere of Gokarna village a lot ever since we visited in 2016. Yes, as early as 8AM.

In meantime, the loud horn was given by MEMU and Chamundi left. A faster run compared to earlier where many times he reaches Mysore by 2045. Why did he leave 8 mins late, my dad asked, as I replied , it's 1825 dep now. Oh, my mobile time hasn't synced, its 2 mjns behind, he replied .

In meantime, the Solapur bound Golgumbaz quietly pulled into PF-9 , as the announcement went for the Humsafar clone from Danapur arriving onto PF-4 . WAP7 coupled with Udyan express stood on the pitline awaiting shunting

Checked in WIMT that 06232 had left Kengeri at 1818, a 1 hr 45 mins run for MYS KGI. That's fine, but when will he enter SBC, that's the question?? Minimum 20 mins, maximum depends on signal he laughed

A LHB rake was shunted in reverse onto PF-6 at good speed , raising both our eyebrows . Who is this ?? Nanded, said the EOG board. Shunted in almost 4 hours before departure. Looks like they will alternate 5 & 7 accordingly.

Where is Dharmapuri pass?? my Dad asked, reminding of the journey we took in 2015 December. He was pretty fast, went off in just over 3 hours. Yeah, but because of diesel rake, he now leaves from YPR instead of here, I replied. Too many changes post covid restoration, he said. Yes I said as the announcement now went for JTJ SBC MEMU arriving onto PF-7 & SBC MYS MEMU leaving

Another MEMU ?? Which is this?? Ex AJJ - SBC pa, curtailed to JTJ. And same rake heading as 1900 hrs Push-pull. Push-pull ?? My mom was like those dragging ones of 4.5 hrs. Not case now, it's 3.5 hrs run majorly. Arrey have you made Mysore suburb of Bangalore , running MEMU's, both asked in chorus .. Yeah for the shuttling guys

The JTJ MEMU pulled in as simultaneously as the KJM WAP-7 39157 pulled in with 06232 from MYS and slowly halter as clock turned to 1850. The CC passengers of MYS SBC section, deboarded, about 20 in number. Even if booking had happened post chart, with special fare , the fare would be about Rs. 390/- against Rs 330/- by Volvo. But of course better timings of 2 hrs 15 mins to SBC against unpredictable timings of Volvo due to road work.

Boarded the B2 coach, the upgraded of my parents SS quota , berth 55,56. Fine they have upgraded, but how can they allot a SUB to a LB passenger. Ok for a guy like me, but not everyone can do it na , he asked. Of course, I replied. The guys in the main bay had already put up the berth, bringing a frown on my dad's face. Let's wait down, anyway loco has to be changed

We got down and waited as clock ticked 1900 hrs. Another 10 mins more, we don't get clearance, we will get clearance only at 1930 or beyond. What's the matter anyway, we need to reach SA at 2345, if that's done we are on time. In the meantime, the MYS MEMU left and Raj had been shunted onto PF-8 vacated by Karwar express

From the curve that we were, the loco as well as guard signal both were not visible. But loco is only 4 coaches away so no issues, the sound will be loud, we discussed. Time ticked past 1910 and sensing no departure, it will be now a post 1930 departure

A jolt was felt at 1912 but it was the loco attachment . The loco gave a short horn and moved to & fro with rake and stopped while we waited outside. RPF were seen taking positions to board the train, a regular sight in this.

The honk was heard and the wheels rumbled. Karnataka express was slowly pulling out of PF-1 on time, as announcement went on for arrival of 02678 Ernakulam day express onto PF-4 at 1945. Lot of trains keeping up time these days, said my dad, but we book by one and he doesn't leave. Smiled through

A loud honk was heard immediately and I hurriedly boarded as Dad stood near door. I feel the light shake I said. Where there is nothing , he replied standing on PF. The floor sheet is bulged and that's what is shaking , no connection with train movement. Saw through the glass and it was Udyan moving from stable to occupy the PF-1

At 1935, we hear the sound and now it's our turn to move out, 35 mins delay. If he can still reach Salem on time, why can't timings be changed?? A regular affair of this train leaving pretty late. Even if he leaves on time , he would be held at BYPL citing crossing

We slowly pulled out and crossing points and the awaiting Udyan on the shunter line, we cross past the awaiting Ernakulam express and start accelerating. I pull out the bag, and taking my dinner, a water bottle and bedsheet , hand over remaining luggage to my parents, and move onto S-2 before train enters BNC and crowd pulls in and settle onto berth 27 .

Thanks for reading !

1 Public Posts - Wed Aug 18, 2021
Rail Fanning
Aug 17 (17:27)   06232/Mysuru - Mayiladuturai Festival Special
Siddharth S^~   23551 blog posts
Entry# 5043834            Tags   Past Edits
The green stares directly at me penetrating the darkness as I stand at the door. Thadak thak thak thak thadak rhythm of the wheels continue below me . Who is this green for , why is it facing me straight, I asked . The loco gave a loud horn... That's for me !!! I change my angle and look at the loco , the rhythm still follows as we drag on at 40 kmph . The series of electric poles stand is a symmetrical salute. The EMD ackowledges the salute with another loud horn . Days are getting outnumbered for the diesel on this stretch, may be a max of a year or two more. The loco has curved and the headlight now meets the green, about a minute after I met the green. Will the loco pilot see the signal better from passenger window, I think??? Clang clang dang dhak...
says the wheels in laughter as the train enters into Periyanagathunai station, close to half an hour of departing Hosur . It was day of Naga Panchami, and the station name sends a slight Goosebumps across, the darkness an added effect to the feeling .

The talking of the group who boarded at Hosur echoed through the coach. The Dhank Dhank rhythm was more interesting for me, as the evening cool breeze sweeps past my face. The berths are all laid up , but I don't feel the sleep, so I stand at the door. The TTE & RPF look at me and go their way. They would have dragged me in if the train has crossed Dharmapuri citing safety issues ,but now they aren't much concerned .

The shrubs around the tracks keep hitting close to train and there is darkness alone. Dhank Dhank Dhank - Aren't you getting bored asks the train. Of course not bro, with you for company why will I get bored. Hey but I am just trotting at 30-40 , he replied . So what, I am observing the board's pass by, you carry on I said.

Now keep watching me, he said as he tackled the curves on the Hosur Dharmapuri section. The ocassional signal lights at right angles give me a smile , as I look out to see the loco. The turn is acknowledged by loco everytime and the signal changes from green to red as the loco crosses past. Though I am only 5 coaches away thats sufficient for seeing the signal change

The loco suddenly slows down and the wheels screech. We have moved down and almost stopped , before swiftly getting past at 15-20 with the rhythm picking up. The board with a 40 TSR is quickly succeeded by a board with a smiling elephant running. I know my limits said the wheels . Smiled back

You know what, SWR has given me so much of slack, he plays with me in its territory to hand me over only at right time , it said. I know boss, you know I am seeing you from the day you got bifurcated from Madurai express in 1997. And I never dreamt that after 20 months of no travel in sleeper , I would again travel by you . That's the relation between us , it just happens without planning

Oh bro, you like me so much ...the rhythm was pretty happy . Of course I said, but as you said, SWR seriously plays with you. You are just am ordinary train, not a superfast and always late running .

Grrrrrrr...growled the EMD. The wheels echoed the same in rhythm. You said you like me, but you still scold me. What do you know about me , it asked. Well what else , you arrived Bangalore City 5 mins late at 1850 hrs today, I said. You didn't see me, I was at Kengeri at 1815. Then they dragged me slowly in,as Golgumbaz also waited for platform. O could cover Mysore Kengeri in 1 hr 45 mins. Don't underestimate me .

Ok, but then what happened at Bangalore. You were just held up for so long you know. Of course, replied the train. I came with KJM WAP7 39157 and then had to get my head transplanted. My head went to the Nanded express that was on PF-6 and I got this new head. In the meantime, the SWR King had to get departed on time . Then , the Garden express had to get his place before his departure . You know what was not because of my laziness I am a sprinter. Now see what I do, that I reach Salem on time and you won't realise it.

Hahaha, I laughed. Last 25 mins you have been trotting at 40 I said. Wait na, he said, as now darkness enveloped the place completly as we crossed the Rayakottai Fort region, away from village lights. The next station Rayakottai was approaching and the slow dhak dhak dhadak has now changed to dhadang dhadang in a much faster pace

You are standing and talking to me, are you alone ?? . Very late realizatiin, I replied smiling . No my parents are in another coach and just because your AC was empty, you upgraded them on chart leaving me in SL I said. Hey wait, I don't do such things, how did you get seperated" it asked . Well being senior citizens ,I got them a seperate ticket in LB quota , and you considered their ticket for auto upgradation but you didn't take mine . Hehehe , well how do I know you are with them if you are in 2 PNR's. And you seem to have booked from Kengeri quota ?? I said " Yes, do you think I would try a RAC ticket with amount of bulk bookings you get ??". Well what do you think of me dude , I am a National Integrator and connector and I would do anything to throw up surprises ".

In the meantime the speed has now increased and reaching close to high double figures. Rayakottai was gone and before I realised , we had already crossed Marandahalli, as watch ticked to 2150 . The breeze was soothing for eyes to droop and almost slept a second before coming back to senses.... Drrrrr...dabang...the opposite door banged against the wind. Go to sleep man if you are tired. Why standing here unnecessarily it asked. All this while of trot i enjoyed, let me enjoy a few brisk run of yours before going to sleep" I said

"Accept me that I can be a superfast, considering your expectation of superfast is of 60kmph, I am going to cover the Hosur - Dharmapuri section in 1.5 hrs after going through a series of 40"said the train. I nodded. Palakkodu was crossed and the TNSTC bus depot went . The run was still unabated and sooner the National Hughway was above us, with a glittering TNSTC bus going over the over bridge. The town of Dharmapuri was visible and we slowed down to enter DPJ at 2220 hrs. "Good night " I wished.. " Only for you dude, I can't sleep. I have lots to run and ensure you reach safely tomorrow . Go & sleep well in comfort of your UB " it said. Fine, I smiled as the brakes were thrust onto arrival at PF-2 of DPJ . Slow or fast you are my friend I said , before pulling out my bedsheet and tossing to sleep.

Thanks for reading !!! Feedbacks welcome
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    There are some changes coming to FMT. Many of the features of FMT, like station arrival, TT, speed, geo, passing times, station time, etc. are ALREADY available in OTHER railway apps. So all of these features will be REMOVED. We'll have ONLY BLOGGING - quick upload of pics/videos/audio, etc. You may attach...
  • Entry# 4785432
    Nov 21 2020 (02:51AM)

    We are unifying the Bookmark scheme for Blogs & PNRs. Previously, we had different systems of "Followed Blogs", "PNR History", "My PNR Posts", "My PNR Post Predictions", "Stamp Alerts", etc. which were somewhat confusing. Hereafter: For PNRs: 1. You may add ANY PNR to your bookmarks through the "Add Bookmark" link in the...
  • Entry# 4680754
    Aug 03 2020 (10:10PM)

    In the next few days, we shall introduce a "Personal Gallery". This will consist of your own personal pics - no restrictions. You can upload any number of pics to your personal gallery - with with or without trains. This personal gallery will be part of your Member Profile. Thanks.
  • Entry# 4671643
    Jul 18 2020 (11:53PM)

    As our Topics & Quiz section gains popularity, the following change will be made to Quizzes. Starting tomorrow, we shall not reveal the names of people who answered correctly/incorrectly. You will still know how many answered the quiz and the percentage of wrong/right responses. But ONLY the person who answered will know...
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