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Fri Nov 27 06:25:40 IST
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12245/Howrah - Yesvantpur Duronto Express
হাওড়া - যশবন্তপুর দুরন্ত এক্সপ্রেস     हावड़ा - यशवंतपुर दुरोंतो एक्सप्रेस

HWH/Howrah Junction --> YPR/Yesvantpur Junction

Latest News
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JCO 25.03.2020, 28.03.2020 will be Diverted via Krishnarajapuram, Channasandra, Yelahanka. ✳ JCO 28.03.2020 will be Regulated for 60 minutes.
Fri Mar 20, 2020 (07:09PM)
News Entry# 403334
Inaugural Run
Wed Dec 30, 2009
✓ Pantry Car
✓ On-board Catering
✓ E-Catering
But food is not good
Updated: Jul 27 2019 (23:36) by x-under SW-x
RSA - Rake Sharing
No RSA. 3 LHB Dedicated rakes. PM - SRC Coaching Depot
Rating: 3.8/5 (319 votes)
cleanliness - good (54)
punctuality - excellent (54)
food - good (54)
ticket avbl - average (54)
railfanning - good (52)
safety - good (51)
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Mar 02 (18:11)   12245/Howrah - Yesvantpur Duronto Express
Random xyz
Rail_Wanderer   151 blog posts
Entry# 4582238            Tags   Past Edits
** For 3AC
Right after departure they give two water bottles to each passenger, and take the options of veg/non veg. I took veg where there was egg and rest I took non veg. They indeed took this option too. Coming to food -
Day 1 Lunch : Pretty good
Two chapatis
Chicken curry with two pieces
Jeera rice
Not so watery dal
Mother dairy Curd (Was good)
Evening snacks - Average
Pathetic kachori
Chana dal packet
Dinner : Awesome !
Two huge soft rumali rotis
Egg / Kofta curry
Dry veg
Two gulab jamun
Jeera rice
Milky mist Curd (Pathetic sour and runny)
Day 2 Breakfast - Okaish
Newspaper 1 per cabin/8 berths area
Two bread slices
Weird tasteless veg cutlets / two boiled eggs
Day 2 Lunch - Good
Same as Day 1 lunch
Chicken was not good and Ice cream was some cheap brand with Palm oil instead of whole milk
Mar 26 2014 (15:59)   12246/Yesvantpur - Howrah Duronto Express
Kumar R~   137 blog posts
Entry# 1036900            Tags   Past Edits
Terrible food throughout!
There's apparently no egg curry and the non-veg option comprises two bits of what seemed like a starved chicken neck and spine (Yuck!)/ Rice was undercooked and dal was bland. On two occasions the soup was sickeningly sweet (some tomato-pumpkin mix)
The only thing edible was sweet curd (night only) and the ice cream (dinner and lunch next day). Breakfast was also tolerable (standard omlet / veg cutlet options). However the ice cream was served 30 mins after the trays were taken back and by then it had melted,
plus plenty of littering on the floor from ice cream cups,
A real disappointment after paying Rs 3200 (for 2A)
I strongly suggest at least one packed meal from home (maybe day #1 lunch)

Mar 26 2014 (17:10)
owaidur   122 blog posts
Re# 1036900-1            Tags   Past Edits
better to post in some other site aswell, bze i hv seen action taken care by anyone when i was suffered .
I think in all Howrah trains has same crying story.

Mar 26 2014 (19:36)
KishorWhoAJE2here~   8516 blog posts
Re# 1036900-2            Tags   Past Edits
Management of Duronto Pantry Is Like Prison...
Whatever will be given to 'inmates' will have to be taken, 'anyhow and anyway'
That is why "Food Cost Included in ticket' trains are less popular than others...
Sep 25 2016 (22:23)   12246/Yesvantpur - Howrah Duronto Express
Kolkata   411 blog posts
Entry# 2002143            Tags   Past Edits
The waiters have created nuisance over tips.If you pay 10 rs they literally hurl abuses..I just vomplained to the Drm offc through the twitter hNdle and they hv promised of taking strict actions.
lets see how it comes out

Sep 26 2016 (10:15)
Kolkata   411 blog posts
Re# 2002143-2            Tags   Past Edits
What a lame excuse...every time you come to a financial problem you become a burglar!!Tip is a thing which comes voluntarily not a forced one..Tip is not their bread and butter..I'm not against their job but I want the government to pay them handsomely so that they don't indulge in this kind of extortion of money(believe me they literally abusing persons giving them money below their claim).I hope you are a man of generous nature who use to tip tgem those green and red notes but I'm little pissed off by paying dynamic pricing and servicee charge tips to the government..Regarding lodging complaints I mean to cater the daily plight of those passengers who really felt irritated to these things..In my compartment 85% of the people around me were reluctant to pay those tips as they were also behind the same judgement.
I personally believe that treating them more humanly and taking their service with a smile is more likely than buying tge service by oayinv some 50 or 100 note..

Sep 26 2016 (14:27)
trainloverfromCR1979~   259 blog posts
Re# 2002143-3            Tags   Past Edits
I disagree because they have no rights to ask for tip. When we travel in Duronto/Randhani, the cost of food is included in the ticket so they have to provide the food to us. Moreover the quality of food provide is more or less substandard in majority of the trains (I am saying this by checking the comments given by many for rajdhani/duronto trains). Also, I read a message written on train not to give tip (don't remember in which train).
I go to hotel and generally put Rs. 10 as tip but waiters never complain so why should waiters in train complain.

Sep 26 2016 (14:30)
Sagar Pradhan
SagarPradhan   200 blog posts
Re# 2002143-4            Tags   Past Edits
In every Duronot/Rajdhani/Shatabdi Food Menu it is written, tips to waiter is not encouraged.

Sep 26 2016 (15:44)
©The Dark Lord™
TheDarkLord~   10204 blog posts
Re# 2002143-5            Tags   Past Edits
Hahaha...are you out of ur mind!!! you are just promoting corruption on an open forum. Vendors are paid by Railways and they are not supposed to ask for any tip from passengers neither the passengers are supposed to pay any Tip and this is the rule and if anyone like you who defies it by paying a tip is just promoting Corruption and Malpractice and you are just branding this to publicize ur generosity!!! Have never heard such a lame argument like yours in my whole life.

Sep 26 2016 (15:49)
©The Dark Lord™
TheDarkLord~   10204 blog posts
Re# 2002143-6            Tags   Past Edits
Why you even paid Rs. 10? It's their duty to serve the passenger and for that they get a salary, they are not doing any kind of favour to us. You should have lodged the complaint regarding this issue in the Complaint Book of TTE and Pantry Car Manager. Reporting the Corruption is the duty of every responsible citizen.

Sep 26 2016 (16:03)
Kolkata   411 blog posts
Re# 2002143-7            Tags   Past Edits
I haven't paid a single rupee tip.Infact I was the reason for their hurling abuses..But I got support of my fellow passengers.I complained it in the complaint book but the pantry manager was missing..I even mentioned that In my complain..In order to bring the matter to more people I complained it in the website and twitter handle..You cant believe how rudely these hooligans are behaving with a solo lady and when we all united and started revolting they just left the scene.Actually due to some people promoting this tip culture the majority is suffering....

Sep 27 2016 (21:16)
sbcablore~   492 blog posts
Re# 2002143-8            Tags   Past Edits
Absolutely agreed that - Tip is a thing which comes voluntarily not a forced one. So, DO NOT TIP them at all. I have said this before and I am now saying it again. "I want the government to pay them handsomely so that they don't indulge in this kind of extortion of money(believe me they literally abusing persons giving them money below their claim)" - GOVT? They are perhaps employees of a contractor and not GOVT directly.
"but I'm little pissed off by paying dynamic pricing and servicee charge tips to the government" - fight with case with the GOVT / RLY authorities not the waiters.
my compartment 85% of the people around me were reluctant to pay those tips as they were also behind the same judgement". - So, DO NOT PAY TIPS at all. It is not compulsory, is it?. NO. Not at all. If you wish to pay, pay handsomely, else DO NOT PAY at all. Its simple.

Sep 27 2016 (21:24)
sbcablore~   492 blog posts
Re# 2002143-9            Tags   Past Edits
"I read a message written on train not to give tip" - So DO NOT GIVE TIPS. Does anyone force you?
"I go to hotel and generally put Rs. 10 as tip but waiters never complain so why should waiters in train complain" - Hotels on LAND are different. How about AIRLINES charging Rs.50 or more for a HALF LITRE water bottle in mid-AIR at about 35000 ft above earth? Similarly, how about waiters in trains asking for TIPS (asking , but not forcing) for a tip on trains that runs through forests, barren lands, etc?
you DO NOT WISH, DO NOT PAY - Simple - BUT I just said DO NOT ruin someone's life by escalating the case - just because he (waiter) has chosen to serve you as a waiter on a train.
If you have to fight for a cause - then look at your neighbourhood and you will find many causes, perhaps better than this one. All the best.

Sep 27 2016 (21:30)
sbcablore~   492 blog posts
Re# 2002143-10            Tags   Past Edits
Hey dear, you said this - "promoting corruption on an open forum" - I am not promoting any corruption. If you choose, DO NOT PAY ANY TIP at ALL. All you guys have perhaps missed that line. DO NOT PAY - that is what I said. But - just to show off - if you wish to pay and pay Rs.10/- in 2016, you are just giving alms and not tipping. If you are that kind of a person WHO can actually pay TIPS - then, and ONLY then - I said - PAY handsomely. NOT that ONE MUST PAY. DO NOT PAY if you feel it is WRONG. DO NOT PAY. Its that SIMPLE.

Sep 27 2016 (21:33)
sbcablore~   492 blog posts
Re# 2002143-11            Tags   Past Edits
YES. Agreed. Rs.10/- is meager. DO NOT PAY just to show off. IF you wish to TIP anyone, anywhere, Trains, bus, Restaurants, Hotels, TIP them handsomely. - Its simple - Do it with generosity or DO NOT do it at all. NO Questions asked. Cheers.

Sep 27 2016 (21:44)
sbcablore~   492 blog posts
Re# 2002143-12            Tags   Past Edits
Hey, hey, hey, I am not promoting this TIPS culture, I have time and again said - DO NOT TIP at all. But if you choose to do so, then DO SO handsomely. And then, a BIG SHAME on this - "You cant believe how rudely these hooligans are behaving with a solo lady and when we all united and started revolting they just left the scene". - This is exactly where YOU kind of guys are doing nothing. Absolutely NOTHING on trains. Someone, talking rudely with a LADY co-passenger, and you LEFT this so called hooligan scot-free? SHAME ON YOU and your co passengers. YOU must have caught these guys who misbehaved with a lady and handed over them to the RPF. You are making a mess of TIPS on trains, when you could not complain about someone (or more) misbehaving with a LADY passenger. This is the problem in...
INDIA. People like you DO NOT act where and when necessary. But people like you keep ranting the same lines time and again. Shame on you that you let those so called hooligans were let off because you were more worried about the TIPs than that of the safety of a LADY co-passenger.

Sep 28 2016 (00:25)
Kolkata   411 blog posts
Re# 2002143-13            Tags   Past Edits
I do pity on you on certain things..first of all you don't konow how to join in a debate in an open forum..maybe that's the reason why you chose to call me "hey,hey,hey".I believe in giving respect to each and every person and hereby I said that some people tip others so that they can take undue rights from them or rather can ask them to bear their tantrums (I even saw people giving their stale tiffin box to wash and then tip them for 50/-) .. Secondly you are bounded by some social boundaries and I had my belief that I can think above these social statas like Gender,Class etc that's why I protested against the entire passengers of the compartment rather than solving the plight of a single lady..(though the lady was also strong enough to shield her own defense)..FYI we had lodged a complain in Hwh Grp...
on tip of RPF and they asked us to give witness when they will take action in nabbing those...
Thirdly and most importantly try to think beyond certain boxes like Buying people by tipping handsomely..You live in Democratic country where an elected government collect taxes on behalf of you to pay that persons salary...Complaining is not taking his job away but to give or ratger teach him a lesson that Don't force someone for your benefit..Grow up and do some rational thinking because oneday when you give him a 500 note and he will say "sir diwali is near..itne se kya hota"

Sep 28 2016 (08:52)
Mayank Singh~   2373 blog posts
Re# 2002143-14            Tags   Past Edits
This ain't the US where tips are a mandatory part. Tipping is 'actively discouraged' by IR, then why do it. Infact, I applaud the OP for complaining to the DRM since they're already paid for doing their jobs[they are paid sufficient in the first place unlike the US whose custom you are trying to copy]. Tipping is an extremely im-perfect system and it had be good if it doesn't increase.

Nov 06 2016 (12:49)
Rohit K~   10346 blog posts
Re# 2002143-15            Tags   Past Edits
The problem is that many vendors, waiters, janitors & other train staff 'demand' tips as per their rates as if it's some kind of entitlements that they have right to. The fact is that tips are a Colonial Raj Era Hangover that isn't going from the psyche of people doing physical work in eatery joints, restaurants and Indian Trains (esp Prestigious trains). Just as Kolkata restaurants in Park Street and other Central locations need to shed their Raj Era arrogance, similarly many IR train staff people also need to shed off these Raj era habits.
Tips or "Baksish" in Hindi is something that is supposed to be given voluntarily to staffers so the giving person should decide the rates rather than the recipient 'demanding' the amount. Once a beggar gave me back a Rs. 2 Coin in my hand since he refused it. It's not his fault since many foreigners in New Market and other Central Kolkata locations have spoiled beggars by giving them alms of above Rs. 100/- ... :(

Nov 06 2016 (12:55)
WorldWar3~   5647 blog posts
Re# 2002143-16            Tags   Past Edits
Last time I gave Rs. 50. Ten each to 5 members. They were Happy

Feb 22 2019 (20:32)
Anish Banerjee
SFAnish~   306 blog posts
Re# 2002143-18            Tags   Past Edits
Well in my case I handed out Rs 20 to the Caterer personnel but they were clearly unhappy... So doubled the amount and they smiled as if they had achieved everything in life. The bedding person and the sweepers were handed Rs 10 both... but thank God I survived...
Sep 02 2014 (18:55)   12245/Howrah - Yesvantpur Duronto Express
Entry# 1204814            Tags   Past Edits
After the halt at KJM was withdrawn, this train now stops at BYPL (Baiyyappanahalli).
BYPL is also fairly good place to get down ~ convenient for people going to the eastern parts of the city, the Metro Station is also adjacent.

Sep 12 2014 (00:58)
Jeet~   632 blog posts
Re# 1204814-1            Tags   Past Edits
absolutely wrong,it dosent stop at BYPL either
m a regular traveler of this train...

Jul 24 2019 (14:08)
Sushruth_89   52 blog posts
Re# 1204814-2            Tags   Past Edits
Stops at BYPL in case there is crossing in SBC MAS line or Banaswadi stations or else it doesnt stop at BYPL but crawls at 10kmph speed

Train Tip
Jan 03 2018 (10:42)   12245/Howrah - Yesvantpur Duronto Express
Sateesh   3 blog posts
Entry# 2964773            Tags   Past Edits
AT BZA, they don't have a particular platform. Really have wait for announcement. Could be any of platforms of 4-7. Just keep an ear open for announcement.
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