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Shabdbhedi Express: गति इसकी शब्दों को भेदती है, पूरब को पूर्वांचल से जोड़ती है - Dr. Abhishek Rai

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Sat Jun 12 23:31:36 IST
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Large Station Board;
Entry# 1544924-0

DGN/Dongargaon (2 PFs)

Track: Double Electric-Line

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State Highway 27, Borgaon
State: Madhya Pradesh

Elevation: 373 m above sea level
Zone: CR/Central   Division: Bhusaval

No Recent News for DGN/Dongargaon
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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 2
Number of Halting Trains: 4
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Rating: NaN/5 (0 votes)
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porters/escalators - n/a (0)
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Station Forum

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14 wishes
Forever MPS Forever MPS Happy Journey शुभ यात्रा शुभ यात्रा Happy Journey Wish you a very Happy and safe Journey शुभ यात्रा Aagaye Na FMT pr 😜 Happy Journey शुभ यात्रा Bon voyage Happy Journey शुभ यात्रा
Starting a trip from itarsi to surat

179 Public Posts - Sun Jun 06, 2021

Jun 06 (17:23)
🇮🇳 Surat સુરત પશ્ચિમ રેલવે 🇮🇳
Royalrajput0702^~   1812 blog posts
Re# 4978110-186            Tags   Past Edits
@ST: Surat &12 km/h Thanks for joining with me in this trip

Jun 06 (17:24)
🇮🇳 Surat સુરત પશ્ચિમ રેલવે 🇮🇳
Royalrajput0702^~   1812 blog posts
Re# 4978110-187            Tags   Past Edits
@ST: Surat &12 km/h Arrived on pf3

Jun 06 (17:24)
🇮🇳 Surat સુરત પશ્ચિમ રેલવે 🇮🇳
Royalrajput0702^~   1812 blog posts
Re# 4978110-188            Tags   Past Edits
@ST: Surat &14 km/h Now ending trip thanks tata bye bye

Jun 06 (17:43)
Pankaj Mishra
PankajMishra^~   46295 blog posts
Re# 4978110-190            Tags   Past Edits
Now your train shunted to Pit

Jun 06 (18:20)
🇮🇳 Surat સુરત પશ્ચિમ રેલવે 🇮🇳
Royalrajput0702^~   1812 blog posts
Re# 4978110-191            Tags   Past Edits
I didn't see your msg sir I am at my home now
Rail Fanning
Jul 17 2020 (17:19)   51158/Itarsi - Bhusaval Passenger (UnReserved) | DGN/Dongargaon (2 PFs) | BSL/WAP-4/22680
SreenathSree^~   4944 blog posts
Entry# 4670850            Tags   Past Edits
WAP 4+Dead WAP 5 ..

CR 51158 ET- BSL Passenger with CR BSL WAP 4 22680 loco named "Khandesh" with Headlights and Markers ON +dead GZB WAP 5 at DGN For a halt

(DGN), Central Railway (CR)
Info Update
Jul 19 2015 (11:41)   22112/Nagpur - Bhusaval InterCity (Dada Dham) Express (via Itarsi) | DGN/Dongargaon (2 PFs) | BSL/WAM-46P/21329
Rfc Channel^~   5281 blog posts
Entry# 1544924            Tags   Past Edits
#sb featuring 21329 with NGP BSL ice :)
You can also see a loco speeding towards us

10 Public Posts - Sun Jul 19, 2015

Jul 19 2015 (16:50)
Guest: 7fc2cf40   show all posts
Re# 1544924-11            Tags   Past Edits
In Spite of Completion of Codal Life/Service Life why these 196 WAM-4s are still in Operation ?
Ans: For this Order click here
Now, as RB has initiated this Order on 19.04.2010 I won't DISAGREE to it. But, from the PRAGMATIC Viewpoint I have noticed some Loopholes in this Order which are described below:
A Line is Quoted in this Order as "Condemnation
of Electric Loco Should be done on Age-Cum-Condition Basis and not simply because they have achieved their Codal Life."
Now if we analyze the Term "Age-Cum-Condition" then it can be clearly visible that both Age and Condition are variable Factor and directly dependent to each other, so it means with increase in Age definitely Condition or Performance Standard will be decreased(Reverse Trend has yet not been Observed in this World) as because we have to consider the "Direct Impact" of Factors like Depreciation, Wear and Tear etc with the increase of age and more coverage of Route Kilometers by the Locomotive which is the root cause of falling in standard or condition of the Locomotive. Now by performing Periodic Overhaul or MTR or AOH you just change some cables, wires or Parts of Locomotive not the Whole Traction Motor or other Major Parts of Loco so that it's durability can be increased. But this Change can't NEGATE the effects of Depreciation, Wear & Tear, Route Kms covered prior to AOH or POH or MTR from the Traction Motor or other main parts of the Locomotive. That's why the term "Codal Life" is used for Locomotive which means after completion of a certain period(In years) it is MANDATORY to Condemn the Locomotive as because at that time it completes it's calculated total Route kms for which it is made, if some short you can retain it but after completion of that Route kms you have to ABANDON the Loco MANDATORILY. So Condition does not be a Parameter for a Loco which has completed it's Codal Life and hence the following Line of the ORDER in question is completely irrelevant here:
"It is desired that Chief Electrical Engineers should personally take care to ensure that only those Locos, where Condition does not permit their continuance in Traffic Service, are considered for Condemnation".
This ORDER needs to be AMENDED from a more Realistic Viewpoint regarding Condemnation of Over Aged Locomotive
Order is attached for reference.
(I have Just explain the Terms " Age-Cum-Condition" and "Codal Life" used in this ORDER from a Pragmatic and Logical Point of View).
Views are welcome.

Jul 19 2015 (18:39)
Anshul Vipat~   8057 blog posts
Re# 1544924-12            Tags   Past Edits
BSL Wammie.Aaj bhi utni hi jaan hai jitni pehli thi

Jul 20 2015 (11:49)
Guest: 7fc2d951   show all posts
Re# 1544924-13            Tags   Past Edits
Kindly express your views on Re# 1544924-11.

Jul 20 2015 (12:27)
Rfc Channel^~   5281 blog posts
Re# 1544924-16            Tags   Past Edits
It's simple, we can't much of scrap all the single phase locos in one go, because we don't have the count, the WAM locos are as much responisble as a 3 phase loco in IR's scenario. Also where would IR harness 3 phase potential if it itself is running on an age old infrastructure, majority of routes not electrified, not upgraded to high speed ones.

Aug 20 2015 (19:24)
TheMadrasMail^~   6343 blog posts
Re# 1544924-18            Tags   Past Edits
You are right about Age and condition being directly dependent on each other. This is the reason why the condemnation is done only on Age-cum-condition basis. The locos' calculated lifetime is not a particular number, rather it is spread over a range and the actual point of failure only depends on maintenance, kind of operations that locomotive is handling etc. And if you look through the document you have shared, you'll notice that each and every component of the locomotive,right from the control stand to the traction motors also have a codal life. By the time a loco is condemned, except the shell and the bogies, almost all of the other components inside would have been completely replaced at least once. That is why the codal life in the document is mentioned as 'Average lifetime in years'. It is not that beyond a particular age, a loco will fail compulsorily. The...
rated lifetime might be 30-40 years. And even after 40 years, a locomotive might still be in excellent condition based on the build quality, usage conditions and maintenance status ( Any engineer will attest to this).
In the specific case of the WAM4 ( I keep harping on this because several people seem to think that since it is an 'old' locomotive it must be 'very inferior' to the new ones) it is a very capable locomotive. Very good tractive effort (higher than P4, almost on par with P7), can easily handle 24 coach loads ( it is a mixed class loco designed to haul freight as well so the puny passenger rakes are not a problem for this) and most important of all, it's ruggedness. Throughout the WAM4's lifetime in IR, it has been mentioned countless times by IR engineers, general literature on locomotives and several RF's about the extreme ruggedness of this class and how well it is suited for Indian track conditions. Even after 35 years of service, they have a similar failure rate as the latest batch of locos (both 3 phase and conventional ). There are no safety concerns, in general,on running trains with these locos ( if there lapses in maintenance, even the most advanced locos will have safety concerns).
You have mentioned correctly in another blog post that " Just because these can do the job, we cannot be stuck with them till eternity". At the same time, they are not restricting progress on IR in anyway. CLW is improving it's 3 phaser count every year and more and more trains are being run with 3 phasers these days. WAM4's can comfortably haul trains with reasonably aggressive schedules. Let them continue with their job until the replacements are ready. There is no need to scrap 170+ locos in a short time (especially when they are performing well). If all of them are scrapped immediately, where will IR get the extra locos to replace them from? Current WAP series production is at best 60-80 locos a year. Better to scrap these locos as and when new locos are available or if their reliability degrades.
Rail Fanning
May 31 2015 (10:57)   22110/Hazrat Nizamuddin - Mumbai LTT AC SF Express | DGN/Dongargaon (2 PFs) | BSL/WAM-46PDBHS/21329
Rfc Channel^~   5281 blog posts
Entry# 1493404            Tags   Past Edits
Rare Overtake captured first time on an unknown station.
Horribly late running 22110 meets 22112 for the first time and overtakes it at Dongargaon, on CR's stretch of knw bsl line, watch the speedy show honking and track sounds.
Due to Gurjar Agitations, a newly augmented 22110 Nzm Ltt ACSF running horribly late overtakes 5 min before time running Nagpur bhusaval intercity SF express. a first of its kind rare overtake on a brand new untouched location i.e Dongargaon Madhya Pradesh. In Khandwa Bhusaval Stretch of Central Railways.

Nagpur Bhusaval Intercity belongs to Bhusaval division and is a triweekly intercity service connecting Important cities of Madhya Pradesh like Betul Burhanpur Khandwa Pandhurna with each other and with Nagpur and Bhusaval having reversal at Itarsi
Locomotive Hauling 22112 and 22110 is WAM-4 21329 and WAP-4 22362 of Bhusaval shed respectively
On Youtube

1 Public Posts - Sun May 31, 2015

May 31 2015 (12:15)
bhaiyou   278 blog posts
Re# 1493404-2            Tags   Past Edits
Recently there was agitations by Gujjars between Bayana and Hindaun city in Rajasthan as a result, important trains of western railway passing through had to be diverted to other routes. Even Mumbai rajdhani Express had to be diverted via Agra cantt. The August kranti express was cancelled on some days, as a result, there was extreme pressure on other trains to carry passengers to destinations along the route.
In this context, it is suggested that 22109/10 LTT-Hazrat Nizamuddin AC SF Express, need to be made a daily train. The frequency of this train needs to be increased to a DAILY trains. Once made daily, there will be less load on Rajdhani Express train.
must consider this suggest in right earnest.

May 31 2015 (13:19)
Rfc Channel^~   5281 blog posts
Re# 1493404-3            Tags   Past Edits
Railways forgot this train post introduction it's running like any other SF :/

Jun 01 2015 (15:19)
Covid Vaccine arrived finally
Brandon12663^~   26979 blog posts
Re# 1493404-4            Tags   Past Edits
bro, the pic shows WAP4 and u posted as WAM4!!!

Jun 01 2015 (15:49)
Rfc Channel^~   5281 blog posts
Re# 1493404-5            Tags   Past Edits
Tagged both Locos and trains and WAM came up

Jun 02 2015 (12:45)
bhaiyou   278 blog posts
Re# 1493404-6            Tags   Past Edits
The railways must consider increasing frequency of this train between Mumbai and Nizamuddin. Even if made, biweekly can solve much hardship of Mumbaites. The AC Express is as good as Rajdhani Express - its speed well maintained till Nizamuddin, the catering facilities-top class, the coaches -excellent-the TTEs -well behaved and food-marvellous.
May 18 2015 (17:00)   DGN/Dongargaon (2 PFs)
Rfc Channel^~   5281 blog posts
Entry# 1474144            Tags   Past Edits
खंडवा जिले के डोंगरगांव से बुरहानपुर के बीच एक्सप्रेस और सुपरफास्ट ट्रेनें जल्द ही 110 नहीं बल्कि 150 किमी प्रतिघंटा की रफ्तार से दौड़ने लगेंगी। रेलवे ने ट्रेनों की स्पीड बढ़ाने के लिए करीब 20 साल पुराने स्लीपर और पटरियां बदलने का काम शुरू कर दिया है। भुसावल से काफी संख्या में स्लीपर, पटरियां और मशीनें बुरहानपुर स्टेशन के यार्ड में रखी गई। यहां से मशीनों से स्लीपर ट्रैक बदलने वाले स्थान पर ले जाए जा रहे हैं। करीब दो से तीन महीने में काम पूरा हो जाएगा।
पटरियां करीब 20 साल पुरानी होने के कारण लंबे समय से ट्रेनों की स्पीड नहीं बढ़ाई जा रही थी लेकिन अब इस दिशा में काम शुरू हो गया है। खंडवा जिले के डोंगरगांव से
बुरहानपुर तक ट्रेनें 110 किमी प्रति घंटा की रफ्तार से चलती हैं। जो अब 150 की स्पीड से चलेंगी। रेलवे कर्मचारी करीब 25 किमी लंबे ट्रैक पर पुराने स्लीपर निकालकर नए डाल रहे हैं। युद्ध स्तर पर काम जारी है। मशीनों से स्लीपर उठाकर रेलवे रूट पर रख रहे हैं।
डोंगरगांव से सागफाटा तक पुराना ट्रैक बदला
स्लीपर बदलने के लिए पिछले एक महीने से काम चल रहा है। डोंगरगांव से काम शुरू हुआ था। अब तक सागफाटा तक पुराना ट्रैक बदल दिया गया है। इस बीच समय-समय पर रेलवे द्वारा ब्लाक भी लिया जा रहा है। बुरहानपुर तक करीब दो से तीन महीने के बीच यह काम पूरा होगा।
रेलवे स्टेशन से रोज गुजरती हैं 78 ट्रेनें
रेलवे स्टेशन से प्रतिदिन 78 ट्रेनें गुजर रही हैं। इसमें अप ट्रैक पर 24 और डाउन ट्रैक पर 24 ट्रेन रूक रही हैं। 30 ट्रेनें नॉन स्टाप हैं। सभी ट्रेनें फिलहाल 110 की स्पीड से चल रही हैं। सुधार से यात्रियों काे लाभ होगा। समय की बचत होगी। जीएल मीणा, स्टेशन प्रबंधक बुरहानपुर
रेलवे अफसराें के अनुसार स्लीपर लगाने के लिए 13 मीटर का पैनल तैयार किया जाता है। इसमें 30 स्लीपर लगाए जाते हैं। नए स्लीपर की मोटाई और चौड़ाई पुराने स्लीपर से काफी अधिक है। स्लीपर लगाने के लिए ईक्यूआरपी मशीन का उपयोग किया जा रहा है।
13 मीटर के पैनल में होते हैं 30 स्लीपर
Sorry guys the news is a month old, stumbled upon it accidentally hence not posted in news forum. Please if possible refrain from objecting.

14 Public Posts - Mon May 18, 2015

May 18 2015 (19:45)
Love for trains is immortal
vijesh_k^~   31083 blog posts
Re# 1474144-15            Tags   Past Edits
Great. Much needed here, tracks pretty straight permitting full on MPS @ 110 kph... much needed upgradation here, but without 130 sanction LHBs SF can't do anything here... :(

May 18 2015 (19:50)
10 Years On Indiarailinfo
TheRailMail^~   56479 blog posts
Re# 1474144-16            Tags   Past Edits
waah bhai bahut acxhe.. mujhe nhi pta tha meri prediction and demand itni jaldi sach hona shuru ho jayegi.. fantastic.. ab yaha pe b trains faraata bharengi.. (y)

May 18 2015 (19:53)
10 Years On Indiarailinfo
TheRailMail^~   56479 blog posts
Re# 1474144-17            Tags   Past Edits
Arey wo sb bhi ho jayenga.. ekbar track fir ho jaye fir koi nhi rok paayega pending approvals :)

May 18 2015 (20:04)
Rfc Channel^~   5281 blog posts
Re# 1474144-18            Tags   Past Edits
AJ bhai hope aapki sabhi predictions jaldi sach ho :)

May 18 2015 (20:34)
Love for trains is immortal
vijesh_k^~   31083 blog posts
Re# 1474144-19            Tags   Past Edits
Sahi keh rahe ho president sahab.. :)
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