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VKA/Verka Junction (2 PFs)
ਵੇਰਕਾ ਜੰਕਸ਼ਨ     वेरका जंक्शन

Track: Single Electric-Line

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Batala Road, Verka (Distt.Amritsar) 143501
State: Punjab

Zone: NR/Northern   Division: Firozpur

No Recent News for VKA/Verka Junction
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Type of Station: Junction
Number of Platforms: 2
Number of Halting Trains: 26
Number of Originating Trains: 4
Number of Terminating Trains: 4
Rating: 5.0/5 (8 votes)
cleanliness - excellent (1)
porters/escalators - excellent (1)
food - excellent (1)
transportation - excellent (1)
lodging - excellent (1)
railfanning - excellent (1)
sightseeing - excellent (1)
safety - excellent (1)
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Station News

Page#    Showing 1 to 2 of 2 News Items  
Jul 16 2018 (20:43) Electronic Interlocking works on Verka-Manawala stretch in Amritsar to affect train movements (
Major Accidents/Disruptions

News Entry# 346182  Blog Entry# 3635224   
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Jul 16 2018 (20:44)
Station Tag: Mananwala/MOW added by sreerup kol^~/1802590

Jul 16 2018 (20:44)
Station Tag: Verka Junction/VKA added by sreerup kol^~/1802590
Stations:  Verka Junction/VKA   Manawala/MOW  
RailNews Media India Ltd

AMRITSAR / FIROZPUR: As many as 34 trains will neither originate nor terminate at the local railway station for nearly a fortnight from July 19 as the Railways is set to complete the process of switching over from obsolete lever frame system to the state-of-the-art electronic interlocking system.
electronic interlocking will become operational from August 1, a day after the completion of the project. The much-awaited transformation has been under progress for the past couple of years.
The new system was supposed to be operational in April but it took time as the staff demanded incorporation of more signals.
With the adoption of the new system, railway employees will not be required to pull the lever and other equipment to allow an approaching train to pass. For this work, 1,200 km long cables have been laid in the yard, which is situated a few metres away from the station. Besides, a building has also been constructed there.
The estimated cost of the project is about Rs 50 crore. Interlocking is performed manually at two places that are situated at the east and west sides of the railway station.
The manual system requires several employees to check maps, observe the number of trains parked at the station, note down their departure details and give a green signal to an approaching train. Though the entire function is performed in a few minutes, the details needs to be kept in mind so that two trains may not come on the same track. There is always a chance of human error.Interlocking is an arrangement of signal points and other appliances connected by mechanical and electrical locking so that their operation take place in a proper way to ensure safety.
Once the entire process is digitalised, the same function can be performed by clicking two buttons and with minimum error.
Officiating Station Director Amrit Singh said scores of technical experts and other staff would come from the divisional headquarters and other stations for the last leg of the switchover.
“The decision to short terminate and divert trains has been taken to provide trouble-free environment to technical hands to carry out their work,” he said.
Trains plying between Amritsar and Jammu railway line would short terminate at the Verka railway station and those plying on the busy Amritsar-Delhi route at the Manawala railway station.
Nov 06 2015 (13:52) पठानकोट-अरौली के बीच बिछी डबल लाइन (
Other News

News Entry# 247047  Blog Entry# 1640518   
  Past Edits
Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Ahmedabad Junction/ADI added by sukshammittal/1210579

Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Old Delhi Junction/DLI added by sukshammittal/1210579

Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Verka Junction/VKA added by sukshammittal/1210579

Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Jammu Tawi/JAT added by sukshammittal/1210579

Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Pathankot Junction/PTK added by sukshammittal/1210579

Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Gurdaspur/GSP added by sukshammittal/1210579

Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Jalandhar City Junction/JUC added by sukshammittal/1210579

Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Amritsar Junction/ASR added by sukshammittal/1210579

Nov 06 2015 (1:52PM)
Station Tag: Bathinda Junction/BTI added by sukshammittal/1210579
Trains:  Jammu Tawi - Ahmedabad Express/19224   Jammu Tawi - Jodhpur Express/19226   Dhauladhar Express/14035   Dhauladhar Express/14036   Tatanagar - Jammu Tawi Link Express/18101   Ahmedabad - Jammu Tawi Express/19223   Jodhpur - Jammu Tawi Express/19225   Ravi Express/14633   Ravi Express/14634   Delhi - Pathankot Superfast Express/22429   Pathankot - Delhi SF Express/22430   Pathankot - Udhampur DMU/74909   Udhampur - Pathankot DMU/74910   Amritsar - Pathankot Passenger/54611   Amritsar - Pathankot Passenger/54613   Jalandhar City - Pathankot DMU/74901   Verka - Pathankot DEMU/74673   Jalandhar City - Pathankot Passenger/54621   Amritsar - Pathankot Passenger/54615   Jalandhar City - Pathankot DMU/74903   Amritsar - Pathankot DEMU/74675   Pathankot - Jalandhar City DEMU/74902   Pathankot - Jalandhar City Passenger/54622   Pathankot - Jalandhar City DMU/74904   Jaijon Doaba - Jalandhar City Passenger/54625   Pathankot - Amritsar DMU/74672   Pathankot - Amritsar Passenger/54612   Pathankot - Verka DEMU/74674   Pathankot - Amritsar DMU/74676   Jalandhar City-Jaijon Doaba Passenger/54626   Firozpur Cantt - Fazilka DEMU/74971   Jammu Tawi - Pathankot DEMU Special/04992   Pathankot - Jammu Tawi DEMU Special/04991   Jammu Tawi - Durg Express (via Amritsar)/18216   Jammu Tawi - Tatanagar (Muri) Link Express/18102  
रेलयात्रियों का समय बचाने उन्हें और गाड़ियों की सुविधा प्रदान करने के लिए रेल मंडल फिरोजपुर में पठानकोट-अरौली के बीच डबल रेल लाइन बिछाने का काम मुकम्मल कर लिया गया है।
डीआरएम अनुज प्रकाश ने बताया कि डबल लाइन का काम मुकम्मल होने के बाद अब इस सेक्शन पर इंटरलॉकिंग का काम शुरू होने जा रहा है। डिवीजन ऑपरेटिंग मैनेजर जगतोष शुक्ला ने बताया कि इंटरलॉकिंग का काम 6 नवम्बर से 8 नवम्बर तक चलेगा और इस दौरान जालंधर-पठानकोट सेक्शन पर चलने वाली 20 गाडिय़ां रद्द रहेंगी। इसके अलावा 10 ट्रेनों को इन दिनों में शार्ट टर्मिनेट कर दिया गया है और 7 ट्रेनों को रूट बदल कर चलाया जाएगा। निकट भविष्य में जालंधर कैंट-सुच्चीपिंड के मध्य इंटरलॉकिंग कार्य शुरू किया
इनगाड़ियों के रूट परिवर्तित: 18101टाटानगर-जम्मूतवी, 19226 बठिंडा-जम्मूतवी, 19223 अहमदाबाद-जम्मूतवी को जालंधर सिटी, अमृतसर, पठानकोट की बजाय जालंधर कैंट-मुकेरियां-पठानकोट कैंट निकाला जाएगा।
18102 जम्मूतवी-टाटानगर, 18216 जम्मूतवी-दुर्ग, 19225 जम्मूतवी-बठिंडा, 19224 जम्मूतवी-अहमदाबाद गाड़ियों को पठानकोट, अमृतसर, जालंधर सिटी की बजाय पठानकोट कैंट, मुकेरियां, जालंधर कैंट निकाला जाएगा।
शार्ट टर्मिनेट गाडिय़ां
अमृतसर-पठानकोटके मध्य चलने वाली पैसेंजर ट्रेन नंबर 74971, 54611, 54613, 14633, पठानकोट-अमृतसर के बीच चलने वाली पैसेंजर ट्रेन नंबर 14634, 54514, 54516, 74676 को सरना से वापस लौटाया जाएगा। जम्मू-पठानकोट पैसेंजर ट्रेन नंबर 04991 और पठानकोट-जम्मू पैसेंजर ट्रेन नंबर 04992 को माधोपुर पंजाब से वापिस लौटाया जाएगा।
14035 दिल्ली-पठानकोट एक्सप्रेस
14036 पठानकोट-दिल्ली एक्सप्रेस
14037 दिल्ली-पठानकोट एक्सप्रेस
14038 पठानकोट-दिल्ली एक्सप्रेस
74672 पठानकोट-अमृतसर पैसेंजर
74674 पठानकोट-अमृतसर पैसेंजर
74673 अमृतसर-पठानकोट पैसेंजर
74675 अमृतसर-पठानकोट पैसेंजर
54612 पठानकोट-अमृतसर पैसेंजर
54615 अमृतसर-पठानकोट पैसेंजर
54621 जालंधर-पठानकोट पैसेंजर
54622 पठानकोट-जालंधर पैसेंजर
54626 जालंधर-जेजों दोआबा पैसेंजर
54625 जेजों दोआबा-जालंधर पैसेंजर
74902 पठानकोट-जालंधर पैसेंजर
74901 जालंधर-पठानकोट पैसेंजर
74903 जालंधर-पठानकोट पैसेंजर
74904 पठानकोट-जालंधर पैसेंजर
74909 पठानकोट-ऊधमपुर पैसेंजर
74910 ऊधमपुर-पठानकोट पैसेंजर

Nov 06 2015 (18:07)
® राहुल जैन ™18 🚅🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🛌 ☺ Chai Wal
rahulkumarjain^~   15912 blog posts
Re# 1640518-1            Tags   Past Edits
अरौली ka station code

Nov 06 2015 (21:45)
suksham mittal~   450 blog posts
Re# 1640518-2            Tags   Past Edits
May be bhrl
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