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Dadar/Pathankot Express - ਤੇਰੇ ਬਿਨ ਮਰ ਜਾਣਾ

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Mon Oct 26 04:43:58 IST
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GOC WDP-4D 40571 is all set to depart from Bellandur road with 56514 KSR Bengaluru - Karaikal Fast Passenger....
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BLRR/Belandur Road (1 PFs)
ಬೆಳ್ಳಂದೂರು ರೋಡ್     बेल्लन्दूर रोड

Track: Single Electric-Line

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Panathur, Kadubeesanahalli, Bengaluru - 560103
State: Karnataka

Elevation: 875 m above sea level
Zone: SWR/South Western   Division: KSR Bengaluru (Bangalore)

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Type of Station: Regular
Number of Platforms: 1
Number of Halting Trains: 15
Number of Originating Trains: 0
Number of Terminating Trains: 0
Rating: 1.4/5 (24 votes)
cleanliness - poor (3)
porters/escalators - poor (3)
food - poor (3)
transportation - poor (3)
lodging - poor (3)
railfanning - average (3)
sightseeing - poor (3)
safety - poor (3)
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Station News

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Dec 30 2019 (14:42) Bike, cycle-sharing to begin at 15 railway stations (
New Facilities/Technology
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 397653  Blog Entry# 4526815   
  Past Edits
Dec 30 2019 (14:43)
Station Tag: Lottegollahalli/LOGH added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:43)
Station Tag: Hebbal/HEB added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:43)
Station Tag: Belandur Road/BLRR added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Yelahanka Junction/YNK added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Yesvantpur Junction/YPR added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Malleswaram/MWM added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Bengaluru Cantt. (Bangalore)/BNC added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Hoodi Halt/HDIH added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Banaswadi/BAND added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Bengaluru East (Bangalore)/BNCE added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Krishnarajapuram/KJM added by Next train from SWR~/48335

Dec 30 2019 (14:42)
Station Tag: Baiyyappanahalli/BYPL added by Next train from SWR~/48335
In a boon to commuters, the railways has now opened its doors to two-wheeler and bicycle-sharing service providers at 15 stations.
Last week, the first bike-sharing service was inaugurated by South Western Railway general manager Ajay Kumar Singh at Yelahanka railway station. This comes as a big relief for commuters who were forced to use their own vehicles for first and last-mile connectivity.
Bounce, the operator providing the service, has announced plans to set up shop at 13 stations in the city, including Bellandur, Banaswadi, Hoodi Halt, Byappanahalli, Krishnarajapuram, Bengaluru East and Bengaluru
Cantonment. Providing such services even in areas like Malleswaram will help those travelling by suburban trains from residential areas.
Meanwhile, Railways has received a positive response for its tender seeking expression of interest from private operators for bicycle-sharing services. Senior officials said they were in discussion with Yulu and a decision is likely in the next few days.
“The EoI is for 15 stations. This involves looking into details like the identification of the parking space for service providers. We are in discussions with Yulu and will come up with a decision within a matter of a few days,” a senior official said.
Bounce has given parking space at two entrances in the 13 stations, to pick up or drop off Bounce bikes. Officials said similar arrangements will be made for bicycle-sharing systems as well.
Parking of private vehicles at railway stations, especially for long-duration, has turned costly ever since the railways hiked the fee in September 2017. While the two-wheeler parking fee has gone up from Rs 20 per day to Rs 50, those parking cars can be charged up to Rs 300, depending on the number of hours.
Aug 23 2019 (10:54) Citizens fume as Varthur under bridge turns into a pool (
Commentary/Human Interest
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 389301  Blog Entry# 4408365   
  Past Edits
Aug 23 2019 (10:55)
Station Tag: Heelalige/HLE added by First SF on GdgHg section 21139 40~/48335

Aug 23 2019 (10:55)
Station Tag: Karmelaram/CRLM added by First SF on GdgHg section 21139 40~/48335

Aug 23 2019 (10:55)
Station Tag: Belandur Road/BLRR added by First SF on GdgHg section 21139 40~/48335
Heavy rains turned the Railway Under Bridge (RUB) at the Panathur-Belegere road in Varthur ward into a veritable pond, prompting netizens to criticize its unscientific construction.
Angry residents used sarcasm to vent their ire, calling the RUB a brand new swimming pool the officials have opened without informing them. “Best part is, it’s free of cost. Now everyone can swim – this was a witty remark of a citizen about the RUB,” they said.
Vehicles sink in the knee-deep water and one of the RUBs in the road has become a nightmare for
the commuters. Residents say that the situation becomes unimaginably worse during the rains.
“I happened to pass through the RUB two days ago. Vehicles are half-sunk since the RUB was flooded. My bike stopped while crossing the water. I was stuck and called for help, but no one wants to get into the water,” said Ankita Misra.
She said water entered the bike’s silencer and she could not start the bike for hours. “I don’t know how I made home,” she said.
Pushpa Manjunath, the local corporator, said the RUB was originally designed as a culvert. The passage was recently paved through the culvert to ease traffic snarls in Panathur.
“Without this passage on the Panathur-Belagere road, commuters would be spending long hours in traffic. The RUB is reducing traffic jams by 50%. The problem is only in the rainy season, as this was originally designed as a culvert,” she said.
The corporator said commuters will not have problems using the RUB now since water drains through a storm water drain.
The situation is no better in the underpass in Doddanekkundi village, where hundreds of vehicles are stranded in the last three days.
“We’re informed that a big team of BBMP officials are working in the site to solve the problem. A rajakaluve nearby is at a higher level and water isn’t draining,” a Doddanekkundi resident said.
Similarly, the Iblur junction-Carmelaram stretch of Sarjapur Road is giving nightmares to commuters. The underground drainage work carried out here is causing water to overflow onto the road.
Apr 24 2019 (11:33) Namma Bengaluru: Suburban train stations in dire need of better infrastructure (
Other News
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 381062  Blog Entry# 4300164   
  Past Edits
Apr 24 2019 (11:38)
Station Tag: Heelalige/HLE added by 16591🔹Hampi Express🔹16592^~/36147

Apr 24 2019 (11:38)
Station Tag: Karmelaram/CRLM added by 16591🔹Hampi Express🔹16592^~/36147

Apr 24 2019 (11:38)
Station Tag: Belandur Road/BLRR added by 16591🔹Hampi Express🔹16592^~/36147

Apr 24 2019 (11:38)
Station Tag: Whitefield/WFD added by 16591🔹Hampi Express🔹16592^~/36147

Apr 24 2019 (11:38)
Station Tag: Hoodi Halt/HDIH added by 16591🔹Hampi Express🔹16592^~/36147

Apr 24 2019 (11:33)
Station Tag: KSR Bengaluru City Junction (Bangalore)/SBC added by 16591🔹Hampi Express🔹16592^~/36147
A robust suburban rail network for the city remains a dream as the central and State governments are yet to reach a consensus on various issues, including the formation of a Special Purpose Vehicle, to take up the project on a large scale.
However, regular passengers, who rely on the existing suburban trains to commute to offices in Whitefield, Bommasandra and other areas, want South Western Rail (SWR) to upgrade amenities at various stations. This will encourage more people to take the train to work. The problems include lack of last-mile connectivity and amenities such as shelters, parking space, restrooms, and foot-overbridges.
who works in Bommasandra industrial area, travels from Hebbal to Heelalige every day. He said, “I live in Yelahanka New Town. Going by bus or other modes of transport to reach my work place in Bommasandra, which is located more than 40 km away, will take up to three hours. To avoid traffic and travel expenses, I take the Yeshwantpur to Hosur train from Hebbal. Travelling in train is cheaper than other modes of transport. But last-mile connectivity is an issue at Heelalige station. Many employees rent a private passenger vehicle to reach their workplace.”
According to Sanjeev Dymannavar, commuter rail activist, the SWR should work optimise existing infrastructure to provide more train services on these lines. For example, in February, automatic signalling was commissioned between Cantonment and Whitefield. “This has facilitated SWR to operate more trains during peak hours. Also, the authorities should introduce more amenities at stations like Bellandur, Hoodi and Heelalige,” he said.
SWR officials maintain that amenities are provided depending on the 'category' (revenue generated and passenger footfall) of a station. E. Vijaya, Deputy General Manager and Chief Public Relations Officer, said, “Standard amenities are available at these stations. However, work on some additional amenities is being undertaken.”
Little shelter at Hoodi Railway Station
With sparse shelter and lack of signage, Hoodi station is underdeveloped when compared to other stations. Though it has been recently improved in terms of infrastructure and got a pedestrian bridge, it lacks drinking water facilities and restrooms. “The restrooms are only for the use of authorities. We need to fight with railway staff if we want to use them,” said a commuter.
Even though unlicenced vendors and beggars aren’t allowed on the premises, the rule is not strictly implemented with a few managing to board trains. The issue comes under the purview of the Railway Protection Police.
Not all trains stop at this station. Like at most stations, there is a lack of signage naming the trains that halt at this station. Some trains make an unofficial stop.
“You can always ask people about the trains that halt here. If you don’t want to do that, you can always turn to technology. There are apps for trains, like the ‘Where is My Train’ app,” said K.N. Manasa, a commuter.
Such apps not only mention the expected arrival time and schedule of trains but also track delays.
Commuters happy with Whitefield Railway Station
As Whitefield is a popular stop, commuters have access to better infrastructure and facilities, including waste disposal bins. However, commuters say that drinking water facilities are of sub-par quality.
There are waiting rooms, but they are mainly used by dogs, said commuters adding that washrooms have a pungent smell and are not well maintained.
For the most part, though, commuters who use the station are happy with the amenities. There is, however, a clear disparity between old and new trains. The new trains have better seats, fans that work and more legroom.
During peak morning and the evening hours, however, passengers said the trains are so crowded that there is no space to stand. Pickpocketing is a common complaint.
“Four days ago, a man who was near the door fell off the Swarna train. There was no space inside. Everyone was pushing and pulling,” said Mukunda M., a regular commuter who was on his way to KGF when the incident took place.
Fellow passengers immediately pulled the emergency chain, bringing the train to a halt. He was brought back on to the train, given water, and taken to a hospital. “Fortunately, his injuries were not fatal,” Mukunda added.
Bellandur Road Railway Station lacks basic amenities
The platform at Bellandur Road Railway does not have a roof because of which passengers do not get protection from the sun and rain. The ground floor of the station building has a vacant room with barricades to prevent people from using it. The first floor houses the ticketing counter, which is also the office of the station master.
With one track and one platform, the station handles 4 daily and 6 non-daily (excluding Sunday) trains going towards Salem and K.S.R. Bengaluru. The station lacks basic amenities such as toilets, medical aid centre, and dust bins. The lone drinking water point had a broken tap and no supply of water.
Carmelaram Railway Station: A cut above the rest
Passengers who use Carmelaram Railway Station are waiting for completion of the under construction foot-overbridge that will connect the two platforms. This station has better amenities compared to others on the suburban line network. It is a well-maintained by a dedicated team of 14 staff members who prioritise cleanliness.
The platform has a water cooler with several functioning drinking points that provide 24-hour supply. A display board shows availability of WiFi connectivity, but the facility could not be accessed on a mobile phone.
A public toilet block, which included a Divyanjan Friendly Toilet, on a platform was locked, but is opened during rush hours. Adequate lighting and a common waiting area make this station a pleasant change from the others.
Announcements regarding trains are made on speakers by the on-duty station master. The station has an active 24-hour computerised ticket counter of PRS (Public Reservation System) and UTS (Unreserved Ticket System).
Commuters point to the wet and dry waste bins that encourages segregation of waste at source. Wheelchair facilities for the elderly is available.
Heelalige Railway Station
Of the two platforms, only one has a small roof. In the absence of a foot-overbridge, commuters often cross over the railway lines. There are two drinking water points out which one is non-functional and does not have a tap. The other has only one functional tap.
On the plus side, the station has an adequate number of wet and dry waste bins, a restroom, wheelchair facilities for the elderly, and is well-maintained.
However, according to a frequent passenger, the public toilet remains locked and is used only by railway staff. There is a small common waiting area with adequate seating and information boards displaying train details like arrival, departure, train numbers and helpline numbers.
Another display board shows availability of WiFi connectivity but could not be accessed on a phone. A bell is used to announce the arrival of trains.
Dec 19 2018 (11:41) Techie run over by train while seeing parents off (
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 371902  Blog Entry# 4122769   
  Past Edits
Dec 19 2018 (11:42)
Station Tag: Belandur Road/BLRR added by BijapurBulls2Titles~/48335

Dec 19 2018 (11:42)
Station Tag: Baiyyappanahalli/BYPL added by BijapurBulls2Titles~/48335

Dec 19 2018 (11:42)
Station Tag: Karmelaram/CRLM added by BijapurBulls2Titles~/48335

Dec 19 2018 (11:42)
Train Tag: Yesvantpur - Kannur Express (via Salem)/16527 added by BijapurBulls2Titles~/48335
In a tragic accident, a 28-year-old software engineer working at Wipro, was run over by the Yeshwantpur-Kannur express at the Carmelaram railway station on Monday night. He had gone to the station to see off his parents, who visited him in the city.
The deceased has been identified as V Vikram, a native of Palakkad in Kerala. Vikram came to Bengaluru two years ago. His father, Vijayan, was also injured while trying to save him. Vijayan has been admitted to a private hospital.
A senior railway police officer said that Vikram had come to
drop his parents at the Carmelaram railway station. The train had pulled in at around 8.45 pm.
While Vikram was helping with his parents’ luggage inside the compartment, the train suddenly started moving. An anxious Vikram jumped from the moving train. He slipped and fell in the gap between the train and the platform. Within seconds, he was run over.
His father who noticed it tried to rescue him, but, he too, fell onto the platform.
Family members said that for nearly three hours Vikram’s body was on the tracks, and the concerned railway officials did not show any interest in recovering the body.
Later, when the police arrived at the scene, they shifted Vikram’s body to the Bowring hospital.
After the autopsy, the body was handed over to the relatives. Since his father too was in the hospital, Vikram’s last rites were conducted in the city itself.
Shafeek, a family friend of Vikram, said that at small stations trains halt just for two minutes.”His parents were aged and they could not carry their luggage inside the train, so, he boarded the train, and within no time the train started moving. There should be an announcement in each station or signal before the train starts moving, like in the metro. There was even a bigger gap between the train and the platform, resulting in the mishap.”
He further added that Vikram’s body was left unattended for nearly 3 hours on the tracks. His mother, Vijaya Kumari, was inconsolable at the scene. The Baiyappanahalli railway police came very late to the spot, said Shafeek.

Dec 20 2018 (11:29)
Irshad13~   7875 blog posts
Re# 4122769-1            Tags   Past Edits
OMG i felt very sad to read these sentences of the news RIP vikram. And please i hope everyone should take care of themselves in such conditions. I cant imagine how his mother felt wating 3 hours seeing on railway tracks dead and with injured husband. Felt very very sad and bad too..Cant complain anyone now but only can complain to his destiny for this things..
Dec 07 2018 (11:25) Underpass being repaired to ease traffic at Belegere (
New Facilities/Technology
SWR/South Western

News Entry# 370949  Blog Entry# 4076203   
  Past Edits
This is a new feature showing past edits to this News Post.
Panathur-Belegere road in East Bengaluru has been making news for its pathetic condition, so far. But looks like it is on the betterment path now.
One of the abandoned underpasses in Belagere is being repaired for the convenience of commuters.
One of the underpasses near the Belegere Lake, which the commuters chose not to use as it is in a bad state, is now being restored.
underpass will be ready for use by two-wheelers by Tuesday. Most of the apartment dwellers staying close to the lake can use the underpass to hit the outer-ring road,” said Pushpa Manjunath, local corporator.
All vehicles moving on the Panathur-Belegere road to hit the outer ring road have to pass through another main underpass, where the commuters get stranded for hours together.
But now with the repair of the abandoned underpass, the traffic might ease a bit.
“The railway underpass on the Panathur-Belegere road is too narrow that only one heavy vehicle can pass through it at a time. Adding to the problem, a large number of water tankers choke the road. Sometimes, it takes more than three hours to get rid of this 1.5 km stretch. Besides, the road is sludgy and slippery,” said Vijay Thomas, a commuter.
The residents want the road to be repaired soon.
“We need streetlights. Traffic officials need to set some particular time for water tankers as they block the road during peak hours,” he added.
“The executive engineer of Mahadevapura divison (major roads) was supposed to pay some amount to the railway department. Now, that he has paid it, the railway department should handover the underpass expansion project to an agency. If that happens, the Panathur-Belegere road is sorted,” said Pushpa Manjunath.
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