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TATA Steel Express - Second Sitting sasta bhi, sabse achha bhi - Ravi Raj

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Sun Jun 13 19:29:18 IST
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Large Station Board;
Entry# 1634310-0
Scenic; Platform Pic; Small Station Board; FOB/Stairs;
Entry# 2885190-0

UDL/Andal Junction (6 PFs)
অণ্ডাল জংশন / انڈال جنکشن     अण्डाल जंक्शन

Track: Quadruple Electric-Line

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Railway Road , Andal South Bazar , ph- 0341-2373225, Pin - 713321 , Dist - Paschim Bardhaman
State: West Bengal

Zone: ER/Eastern   Division: Asansol

No Recent News for UDL/Andal Junction
Nearby Stations in the News
Type of Station: Junction
Number of Platforms: 6
Number of Halting Trains: 70
Number of Originating Trains: 7
Number of Terminating Trains: 7
Rating: 4.3/5 (17 votes)
cleanliness - good (3)
porters/escalators - good (2)
food - excellent (2)
transportation - excellent (2)
lodging - good (2)
railfanning - excellent (2)
sightseeing - good (2)
safety - excellent (2)
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Station Forum

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Rail Fanning
Jul 02 2018 (18:43)   12383/Sealdah - Asansol Super Fast Intercity Express | BP/Barrackpore (5 PFs) | ASN/WAG-5/23540
SAPTARSHI^~   19256 blog posts
Entry# 3596005            Tags   Past Edits
12383/Sealdah - Asansol SF InterCity Express with refurbished rake from Today. #mymemories

Jul 02 2018 (18:44)
Dexter Morgan
eXplorerDKG^~   88337 blog posts
Re# 3596005-2            Tags   Past Edits
1 compliments
Rust proof...
Plastic ki taps laga k sbse bdhiya kaam kia h

Jul 02 2018 (19:22)
Guest: 6cda2aff   show all posts
Re# 3596005-4            Tags   Past Edits
Shaandaar renovation .. Asansol is grt ..
Bas i pray that pax do take this things as worthy and shld preserve this things

Jul 02 2018 (20:24)
Covid19 Express
K.K.^~   61819 blog posts
Re# 3596005-5            Tags   Past Edits
ICE be like...:*

Jul 02 2018 (23:42)
Hrishik Mukherjee~   3018 blog posts
Re# 3596005-6            Tags   Past Edits
Isme AC CC waapis lagwana chhaiye

Jul 07 2018 (16:50)
ErArani^~   8265 blog posts
Re# 3596005-7            Tags   Past Edits
Project "Semi Swarna".
General Travel
Sep 04 2015 (20:22)   12339/Coalfield Express | HWH/Howrah Junction (22 PFs) | HWH/WAP-7/30203
Arnab~   7442 blog posts
Entry# 1582435            Tags   Past Edits
Venue:- Howrah Jn
Date:- 02/09/2015
Wednesday, the countrywide Trade Union had severely disrupted local train services. Trains ran empty, passengers were little and the usually busy HWH was unusualy deserted.
had reached HWH at 13:00 hours quite early as I had to catch the 12339 UP Coalfield Express to DHN, later that evening.
I had just entered in, platform number 12, the usually busy platform was surpringly bevoid of people. Then and there I spotted the abandoned, unwanted and deserted rake of the once running 1st DD AC express of the country, the Howrah-Dhanbad Double Decker Express!
Only four years old, launched on 1/10/2011, this train was once the apple of all eyes!!! The Prince of HWH division has now fallen upon harsh times, it's future uncertain, it's rake gathering rust, it's very presence once much envied, now undesirable for it's home division.

I went up to the under repair platform number 15,to have a good look at the train. Really Pitiable condition!Dust had gathered all around,some of the windows panes were broken, urchins were making merry on the roof. I went up to take some pictures of the train. Those urchins suddenly became very shy and ran away! Meanwhile the lady on the PRS crooned "............ HWH-MECHEDA LOCAL 13 no platform theke charbe.......repeat in Hindi and eng..."
While thinking about the misfortune that had crept so unjustifically on the young DD's life, I started to take a stroll and unknown to me reached almost the end of Platform 12. It was then I was awoken from my thoughts by the rhythmic humming of a Alco. Turning to my left I saw a solitary NFR WDM3a buzzing,in a totally unconcerned way, like a cow happily grazing on grass, having no worry of the world!!! SNAP!, and picture taken, and then Peepee.......Low Battery 4% on the phone. Switching off my phone, I went on look for a charger slot on the deserted platform when again TING...NING....NING" 13011 HWH MLDT Intercity Express 15:25 minute 12 no Platform theke charbe"
HWH WDS6r brought in the train on plt no 12. The usually fairly filled up intercity was a ghost train! No passenger was there in the coach except myself and an elderly gentleman who was off to Malda. It was almost like 9-10 passengers per coach.
I spent the next 45 minutes chatting with the elderly man, with my phone plugged in the charger socket. The train started at peak 3:25PM and I exited the train there...........
12338 Shantiniketan would arrive soon.........that would return to DHN as 12339 Coalfield!
Coalfield, Shantiniketan and Agnibeena are amazing examples of Rake Sharing arrangement by the Indian Railways. Train 12342 Agnibeena sets off from ASN early morning at 5:30, arrives at HWH at 8:40, and makes a too and fro return from Bolpur as 12337/12338 Shantiniketan. The same train then turns up a 12339 Coalfield Express to Dhanbad!
Next morning the rake now as 12340 DHN-HWH Coalfield arrives at HWH, is shunted back and departs HWH again now at 18:20 as 12341 ASN bound Agnibeena!
I wonder who does the rake maintainance! Is it ASN div, or HWH, or DHN???
I was lost in these thoughts when Jamalpur WDM3a chugged in with the Shantiniketan Express in tow! Shantiniketan is usually empty, but on that day, it got me confused as whether thes train was really coming from Bolpur or the rake shed at Howrah! It was almost like there was 1 passengers per compartment!!!
I booked myself the cleanest, and the best possible window seat in the chair car. Meanwhile MGS WAP4 22587 brought in the Amristar-Hwh super-crawler to platform 11!
I dozed of for a while in the empty compartment, when I woke up it was 16:45, the HWH Raj with HWH WAP-7 was ready to depart from platform number 8. I turned my head around to see the least packed Coalfield in my life, as there were almost like 1 passenger per seat. However still Coalfield managed to save it's reputation. It's condition was much better than the Malda intercity. The passengers were merry as almost all had managed to find a Window seat for themselves.
To see my loco link I dashed out of my coach, and almost ran to the front of the train. It was a shiny WAP7 HWH 30203 ready and rearing to tear away the Bengal landscape with the Coalfield Express, at it's tow.
I was admiring the WAP7, when another twin-honk alerted me. A rarest of rare sight had just seem to find me. Believe it or not a GMO WAG9 had somehow managed to find it's way at HWH! I took a closeby snap of it and ran off to my train for it was 17:18. At 17:20 sharp with the faintest of honks, the WAP7 pulled out my train, out of HOWRAH.........
Picture no 1-5 are the snaps of the abandoned rake of the Double-Decker
Picture 6 shows the NFR Alco
Picture 7 is a panorma of HWH of sorts, that I tried to take with my phone.
Picture 8 & 9 show the tired MGS WAP4 awaiting the signal to go to it's resting place at Bamanganchi!
Picture 10 Board capture of Shantiniketan/Coalfield/Agnibeena
Picture 11,12 & 13 show the HWH WAP7 30203 attached to Coalfield!
Picture 14 is another shot of the MGS WAP4 departing for the Trip Loco Shed!
Picture 15 GMO WAG9 at HWH .
Trivia:- The 12399 made a unscheduled halt at BWN. A daily passenger remarked that both the UP/DWN have had been halting at BWN for the past 1 week!
At BWN I also found out that Black Diamond was delayed by 1 hour and 15 minutes due to late start at Dhanbad, prompted by the strikes!

4 Public Posts - Fri Sep 04, 2015

22 Public Posts - Sat Sep 05, 2015

29 Public Posts - Sun Sep 06, 2015

10 Public Posts - Mon Sep 07, 2015

4 Public Posts - Sun Sep 13, 2015

1 Public Posts - Wed Sep 16, 2015

1 Public Posts - Thu Sep 17, 2015

2 Public Posts - Fri Sep 18, 2015

Oct 09 2015 (11:33)
Arnab~   7442 blog posts
Re# 1582435-74            Tags   Past Edits
Issue resolved:-
I happened to ask a friend of my uncle who is a loco pilot in DHN....
Primary Maintainence of Black Diamond shared by DHN & HWH both. There is no need for secondary maintainence, as whatever the need may be both divisions are entirely entitled to suffice the train with.
As for Coalfield/Agnibeena/Shantiniketan, HWH does primary maintainence every alternate day, while
DHN takes care of secondary maintainence the other alternate day. If DHN senses something off, it is entitled for PM as well. For eg, if some coach isn't functioning as well as it should, it is duly cared for and if required suitably replaced!
ASN is not responsible for anything, and hence the rake lies idle in ASN all-night long.
So my presumption that Coalfield/Agnibeena/Shantiniketan were slightly ill-maintained was wrong!
HWH & DHN take turns to see the well being of the two rakes, every alternate days....

Oct 09 2015 (11:48)
Guest: 713397b3   show all posts
Re# 1582435-75            Tags   Past Edits
Exactly What I said ! :) I actually have sources in DHN Depot they Clearly said there is No Such Hard and fast rule against CF and BD Basically Both has PM at LLH but DHH is equally eligible if any problem arises in between HWH and DHN then it has to be cured at DHN only !!

Oct 09 2015 (12:02)
Arnab~   7442 blog posts
Re# 1582435-76            Tags   Past Edits
So, you have source in DHN depot as well. That is great. Btw, Black & Coalfield are great intercity trains, and their well-being is of great importance to both HWH & DHN.

Oct 09 2015 (14:45)
Guest: 53bdec4f   show all posts
Re# 1582435-77            Tags   Past Edits
As I told earlier that ECR and ER ar Bookish Terms in case of BD and CF because they Equally belong to both ER and ECR !

Oct 09 2015 (22:12)
Arnab~   7442 blog posts
Re# 1582435-78            Tags   Past Edits
Nicely put....I think it more as an ECR & ER bromance, although technically ER is ECR's mother/father!!!
General Travel
Apr 20 (21:54)   BWN/Barddhaman Junction (8 PFs)
Guest: 6cd222ea   show all posts
Entry# 4944128            Tags   Past Edits
ALPs to work as guards due to shortage of guards in ER

Apr 20 (21:58)
বাংলার চপ শিল্প জিন্দাবাদ
Harsh12345ER~   17304 blog posts
Re# 4944128-2            Tags   Past Edits
very bad situation 😔😔
Bro , stay safe 😀😀
bro ✌️✌️✌️
Rail Fanning
May 02 2020 (20:45)   12385/Howrah-Dhanbad AC Double Decker Express | HWH/Howrah Junction (22 PFs)
SAPTARSHI^~   19256 blog posts
Entry# 4621270            Tags   Past Edits
1 compliments
Very useful
◾Dhanbad Double Decker - Operational Constraints◾
The Dhanbad Double Decker Express was stopped just within 5 years of its service. People have a lot of anticipation for this train, some want it to restart on same route, some want it to run towards Siliguri. There are many limitations for this train, rake as well as path. Lets see-
• The train was
proposed as High-speed connection to Dhanbad, and was expected to run just ahead of Kolkata Rajdhani Exp in both directions.
• The first blow was during the trials, some coaches were grazed by the platform. The platform edges had to be trimmed a little at some stations.
• The train was not suitable for 130Kmph operations, and became restricted to 110Kmph.
• The roof of the train once touched overhead wires at Howrah yard in busy time, disrupting the traffic.
◾ Special instructions for operation of 12385/6 Dhanbad Double Decker Express ◾
• The train was generally NOT allowed to run through DN Chord line (BWN-DKAE), UP & DN 2nd line (BWN-STN-BWN) as the platforms have reverse curve (representative image of DN HBC PF of MDSE stn attached). If was run through above lines, it had to maintain Speed Restriction of 15kmph at every platform line!
• The train could only run through Rajdhani lines, UP/ Reverse (as DN) line (HWH BWN), UP/DN 1st Line (BWN-STN), UP/DN GC (STN-DHN)
• The train had Permanent Speed Restrictions of 15Kmph at the following places over Rajdhani line (platform number in brackets) -
≠In UP direction - Howrah (8,9,13), Bally (5), Saktigarh (1), Galsi (2), Asansol (4), Sitarampur (1), Barakar (1), Kumardubi (1)
≠In DN direction - Kalubathan (2), Asansol (5), Raniganj (3), Barddhaman (5), Belur (4), Liluah (4), Howrah (8,9,13)
• Hence, the slot & schedule was prepared to depart the train in afternoon from Howrah, and a morning departure from Dhanbad, just ahead of Rajdhani Express (reference attached)
◾How things became worse?◾
• Things were more or less fine,train was getting some passengers, suddenly the slot was changed. The train on previous slot, was colliding with slots of other trains in DN direction & platform availability was becoming an issue at Howrah, so the train was put on a new slot, to depart Howrah in morning, and Dhanbad in evening arriving Howrah very late at around 23 hours. (the DN locals making it more late at night)
• The train departed just after Poorva in Up direction, so that it doesn't block path of any other train, while it departed in evening from Dhanbad, so that it could use DN Reverse line b/w SKG-DKAE (as the reverse line works as UP line throughout the evening, so a night slot was fine to get the track traffic-free)
• In morning, Ranchi Shatabdi, Black Diamond Exp & Hool Express takes away a good load of Passengers. Similarly in return the passengers ended up at 11PM at night, very inconvenient for many travellers, whereas the Ranchi Shatabdi & Black Diamond was always a more convenient option to Kolkata. The 900 seats of this train could not be filled, so coaches reduced, ultimately the train stopped!
• Now with so many running restrictions in the Rajdhani line itself, How much logical will it be to run to run a 900 seat AC train to any other destinations? The answer remains debated!

2 Public Posts - Sat May 02, 2020

May 02 2020 (22:45)
Rail cum Aviation freak
Subhojyoti^~   1684 blog posts
Re# 4621270-3            Tags   Past Edits
See this /train/114210/325/168. I hope it can be tried at least once.

May 02 2020 (22:54)
Diesel Locomotive is Legendary
Aman~   154 blog posts
Re# 4621270-4            Tags   Past Edits
Then I think UDAY Express are also not possible in HWH ER Line.

May 02 2020 (23:28)
Covid Vaccine arrived finally
Brandon12663^~   26999 blog posts
Re# 4621270-5            Tags   Past Edits
Probably yes
Uday won't run on these route u were mentioned..

May 03 2020 (09:17)
deepakyerr   2126 blog posts
Re# 4621270-6            Tags   Past Edits
Very much agree with you the slot should morning 530 at Dhanbad and evening 1730 from HWH with 5-6 days with no service on sat from HWH and Sun from DND would be great. Operational constraints is biggest hurdle in IR to operate according to traveller requirement.

May 16 2020 (09:14)
Guest: 74c6b45d   show all posts
Re# 4621270-7            Tags   Past Edits
Better ER must give this rake to SR or SCR. In these zones Double Decker trains have requirements. Whatever TT you give HWH-DHN will not fill the DD train. ER only wasting the rake and spending money by doing POH and then keeping idle. OR use the Double Decker coaches as AC Railway Canteen.
General Travel
Mar 29 (13:06)   UDL/Andal Junction (6 PFs) | UDL/WDS-6R/36144
Guest: 6cd2a9cb   show all posts
Entry# 4922791            Tags   Past Edits
UDL WDS6R 36144 shunter at Diesel Loco Shed, Andal
PC: Shubhamoy Maji (Google Maps)
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