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News Posts by 🇪mirate👑🇪xpress

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Sep 19 2019 (10:50) Uday Express set to be flagged off between Visakhapatnam-Vijayawada (
SCoR/South Coast

News Entry# 391388  Blog Entry# 4432189   
  Past Edits
Sep 19 2019 (10:50)
Station Tag: Vijayawada Junction/BZA added by Rajesh Jaganadham~/1756703

Sep 19 2019 (10:50)
Station Tag: Visakhapatnam Junction/VSKP added by Rajesh Jaganadham~/1756703

Sep 19 2019 (10:50)
Train Tag: Vijayawada - Vishakapatnam Uday Express/22702 added by Rajesh Jaganadham~/1756703

Sep 19 2019 (10:50)
Train Tag: Visakhapatnam - Vijayawada Uday Express/22701 added by Rajesh Jaganadham~/1756703
The much-awaited Uday Express, between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada, is likely to begin passenger services by month-end from the city.
As per the information conveyed by the Railway Ministry to the Waltair Division, the double-decker train will be reportedly flagged off by Union Minister of State for Railways, Suresh Angadi, at 11:30 am on 26 September.
It may be noted that while the Uday Express, between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada, was slated to be flagged off on 26 August, the event was postponed due to the demise of former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
350 km between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada, Uday Express will be taking halts at Duvvada, Anakapalle, Tuni, Samarlakota, Rajamahendravaram, and Eluru. As reported earlier, the double decker train will be carrying passengers on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. While the train starting from Visakhapatnam (22701) will leave the city at 5:45 am and reach Vijayawada at 11:15 am, the one from Vijayawada (22702), in the return direction, will depart at 5:30 pm and reach Vizag at 11:00 pm.
The Uday Express had previously completed a trial run Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram and has been taking shelter at the railway yard in Visakhapatnam for about two months now.
Time Table of Uday Express
22701 Visakhapatnam-Vijayawada Uday Express
22702 Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam Uday Express
The train’s exteriors are made of anti-graffiti vinyl and a color scheme of yellow, pink, and orange for a bright look. The interiors too comprise several attractive features. Apart from WiFi, LCD screens, Shatabdi-style seating, modular bio-toilets, and attractive interiors, the double-decker train has a seating capacity of 120 seats per each coach. The train consists of comfortable reclining chairs and adequate leg space as well. The Uday Express consists of 9 double-decker coaches and two power cars.
Jan 18 2019 (13:57) New Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express to be flagged off soon! Check details (
New/Special Trains

News Entry# 374237  Blog Entry# 4200477   
  Past Edits
Jan 18 2019 (14:44)
Train Tag: Hazrat Nizamuddin - Mumbai CSMT Rajdhani Express/22222 added by 🔵🔵🔵🔵MRADUL🔷🔷🔷SAXENA🔴🔴🔴🔴^~/1865235

Jan 18 2019 (14:04)
Station Tag: Hazrat Nizamuddin/NZM added by Shalimar😎Kid~/1756703

Jan 18 2019 (14:04)
Station Tag: Mumbai CSM Terminus/CSTM added by Shalimar😎Kid~/1756703

Jan 18 2019 (14:04)
Train Tag: Mumbai CSMT - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express/22221 added by Shalimar😎Kid~/1756703
New Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express will be flagged off on Saturday. This Rajdhani is special because it will stop at Bhopal. None of the other Rajdhani between Delhi and Mumbai stopped in MP.
New Delhi: Railway minister Piyush Goyal announced a new bi-weekly Rajdhani Express between Mumbai and Delhi. The train will be flagged off from January 19. This Rajdhani is special for the reason that it will stop at Bhopal. None of the other Rajdhani between Delhi and Mumbai stopped in Madhya Pradesh before.
According to Railways, the new bi-weekly train between Hazrat
Nizamuddin and Mumbai will stop at Kalyan, Nasik Road, Jalgaon, Jhansi, Agra Cantt station. The train will depart from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus every Monday and Saturday. The new Rajdhani will have 15 coaches. It will have one First AC coach, three AC 2-tier coaches, eight AC 3-tier coaches and a pantry car. The reservations for Mumbai–Hazarat Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express will open on January 18, 2019.
Central Railways tweeted about the new Mumbai-Delhi bi-weekly Rajdhani Express saying, "Introduction of Bi-weekly Rajdhani Express between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Hazrat Nizamuddin from 19.1.2019. Bookings open from 18.1.2019." 
The train will depart from Mumbai around 2.20 pm every Wednesday and Saturday and will reach Nizamuddin at 10.20 am the next day. Commuters can book tickets on the PRS counter or online through IRCTC website. Since the train is diverted to Bhopal, this Rajdhani will cover 90Km distance more compared to other Rajdhani train between Delhi-Mumbai. 
Worth mentioning here is that the new Rajdhani will benefit hundreds of commuters on the central suburbs like Karjat who earlier had to go to Mumbai Central earlier to travel by a Rajdhani. These people will now be able to board the train from Kalyan station.

Rail News
Jan 18 2019 (15:00)
Gourishankar Mishra~   261 blog posts
Re# 4200477-3            Tags   Past Edits
Both th existing Rajdhanis to Mumbai have stoppage at Ratlam, which is well in Madhya Pradesh only.
The distance coverage of this Rajdhani as compared to existing Rajdhani is 156km from NZM.

Jan 18 2019 (16:05)
Save IR from Halt Begging RailFans
Rohittkarwal^~   10579 blog posts
Re# 4200477-4            Tags   Past Edits
Yeah because this Rajdhani is meant for Central line route not for the Western line.
Jan 07 2019 (08:33) Don’t miss your Indian Railways train! Soon, passengers will have to check-in 20 minutes before departure (

News Entry# 373334  Blog Entry# 4189636   
  Past Edits
This is a new feature showing past edits to this News Post.
With the Integrated Security System, Indian Railways is planning to seal railway stations 20 minutes before the scheduled departure of trains, to complete the process of security checks, similar to airports' on-boarding and security system
Indian Railways passengers, take note! This new security step by Indian Railways means you will have to arrive at the railway station at least 20 minutes before the train’s departure! According to a recent PTI report, Indian Railways is planning to seal railway stations 15-20 minutes before the scheduled departure of trains, in order to complete the process of security checks. This is similar to the process of airports’ security check and boarding system before departures. This means that Indian Railway passengers will now have to arrive
at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure of their trains at the railway station, in order to complete the security check and board their trains on time.
Arun Kumar, Director General, Railway Protection Force (RPF) was quoted in the report saying that the security plan with high-end technology has already been implemented at Allahabad, before the Kumbh Mela 2019 which begins this month and at Hubli railway station in Karnataka. Along with this, a blueprint for 202 more railway stations is ready for execution of this system. The plan for sealing the railway stations is to primarily identify the openings and to determine the number of entry points which can be closed. There will be areas which will be closed through permanent and fixed boundary walls, others will be manned by RPF personnel and while few others will have collapsible gates.
According to the report, there will be random security checks at each entry point. However, unlike at airports, passengers need not come hours in advance at the railway station, but just 15-20 minutes ahead of their departure times. This is to ensure that they don’t get late because of the entire security process. The security system will increase at railway stations, but the presence of security personnel will not increase. These steps will be taken as they are a part of the security plan under the Integrated Security System (ISS) which was approved in the year 2016 to strengthen the surveillance mechanism at 202 railway stations across the country.
The Director also added that the ISS will consist of CCTV cameras, access control, personal and baggage screening system, bomb detection and disposal system which together involve multiple checking of passengers and baggage from the point of entry at the railway station till the final boarding of train. The expected cost of the ISS project stands at Rs 385.06 crore. The security plan outlines a layered security check where passengers will go through a security check even before they enter the railway station. This is to ease the pressure in railway stations during the peak hours. The system will also include real-time face recognition software which will alert the RPF command center of any known offenders. With technological support and the ISS project, Indian Railways is steering towards a new-improved and efficient security system at railway stations.
Oct 19 2018 (21:29) Punjab Train Accident: రైలు ఢీకొని 50 మంది పైగా మృతి? (
Major Accidents/Disruptions

News Entry# 365462  Blog Entry# 3917168   
  Past Edits
Oct 20 2018 (02:22)
Train Tag: Jalandhar City - Amritsar DEMU/74643 added by moderator*^~/12

Oct 20 2018 (02:22)
Train Tag: Nakodar - Jalandhar City DMU/74943 removed by moderator*^~/12

Oct 20 2018 (02:19)
Train Tag: Nakodar - Jalandhar City DMU/74943 added by moderator*^~/12

Oct 20 2018 (02:19)
Train Tag: Jalandhar City - Amritsar DEMU/74643 removed by moderator*^~/12

Oct 19 2018 (21:33)
Station Tag: Amritsar Junction/ASR added by IRTV~/1756703

Oct 19 2018 (21:33)
Train Tag: Jalandhar City - Amritsar DEMU/74643 added by IRTV~/1756703
దసరా వేడుకల్లో భాగంగా నిర్వహించిన రవాణ దహనాన్ని చూసేందుకు రైల్వే ట్రాక్‌పై నిలబడిన జనంపైకి నుంచి దూసుకెళ్లిన రైలు.
పంజాబ్‌లోని అమృత్‌సర్‌లో ఘోర విషాదం చోటుచేసుకుంది. రావణ దహానాన్ని చూసేందుకు రైలు పట్టాలపై నిలబడినవారిని రైలు ఢీకొనడంతో 50 మంది పైగా మృతి చెందినట్లు సమాచారం. దసరా వేడుకలు పురస్కరించుకుని చౌడా బజార్‌లోని మైదానంలో శుక్రవారం రాత్రి రవాణ దహన కార్యక్రమం నిర్వహించారు. 
ఈ వేడుకను చూసేందుకు వందలాది మంది జోడా ఫటాక్‌‌కి చేరుకున్నారు. చాలామంది రైల్వే పట్టాలపై నిల్చుని రావణ దహనాన్ని చూస్తున్న సమయంలో అతి వేగంగా వస్తున్న రైలు ఢీకొట్టింది. దీంతో ఆ ప్రాంతం క్షణాల్లోనే రక్తసిక్తమైంది. ఎక్కడ చూసిన తెగిన శరీర భాగాలే కనిపించాయి. ఈ ఘటనలో గాయపడిన వ్యక్తులను హుటాహుటిన ఆసుపత్రికి తరలించారు. పోలీసుల వైఫల్యం వల్లే ఈ ఘటన చోటు చేసుకుందని స్థానికులు ఆరోపిస్తున్నారు.
ఈ ఘటనలో మొత్తం ఎంతమంది చనిపోయారనేది ఇంకా తెలియాల్సి ఉంది. 
రావణ దహనంలో బాణాసంచాల పేలుళ్ల వల్ల రైలు వస్తున్న సంగతి గుర్తించలేదని ప్రత్యక్ష సాక్షులు తెలిపారు. స్పందించే లోపే రైలు రెప్పపాటు వేగంతో జనం మీద నుంచి దూసుకెళ్లిందన్నారు. పోలీసులు ముందుగా అప్రమత్తమై ట్రాక్ మీద ప్రజలు ట్రాక్ మీదకు రాకుండా ఏర్పాట్లు చేయకపోవడం వల్లే ఈ ఘోరం జరిగిందని, రైల్వే అధికారులకు ముందుగానే సమాచారం ఇచ్చి ఉంటే ఈ దారుణం చోటుచేసుకోకపోదునని స్థానికులు తెలిపారు. ఘటన సమయంలో సుమారు 600 నుంచి 700 మంది జనం అక్కడ ఉన్నట్లు అంచనా వేస్తున్నారు. రాత్రి వేళ కావడంతో చెల్లాచెదురైన మృత దేహాలను గుర్తించడం కష్టతరంగా మారింది. ఈ ప్రమాదంలో గాయపడిన క్షతగాత్రుల ఆర్తనాదాలతో సంఘటన స్థలంలో విషాద వాతావరణం నెలకొంది..
Oct 19 2018 (21:11) Train runs into crowd at Ravan burning in Amritsar, several dead (
Major Accidents/Disruptions

News Entry# 365457  Blog Entry# 3917127   
  Past Edits
Oct 20 2018 (02:24)
Train Tag: Jalandhar City - Amritsar DEMU/74643 added by moderator*^~/12
Several people were killed after a train ran into crowds at Joda Phatak crossing in Amritsar. The number of dead and injured is still not clear but different sources quoted different casualty figures ranging between 30 and 60 dead.A large number of people had gathered to watch the Ravana burning near Joda Phatak crossing. When the effigy caught fire, they ran helter-skelter in a near-stampede.CLICK HERE FOR LIVE UPDATES ON AMRITSAR TRAIN ACCIDENTMany of them ran towards the railway tracks next to the ground not knowing a train coming from Pathankot was heading towards them at a high speed. The smoke from the crackers and effigy burning had brought down visibility as well.Before the train drivers could react, several people came under the wheels. Police couldn't give details about the number of people crushed in the accident. Several people were taken to hospitals nearby.President Ram Nath Kovind has expressed sock at...
the tragic accident. He said the Railways and local authorities are taking steps to help the affected people.Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the tragedy is "heart-wrenching". He said he asked officials concerned to provide immediate assistance. Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh is on his way to Amritsar. He said district authorities have been mobilised on war footing. he state government has also announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to kin of the deceased. The chief minister said the government will provide free medical aid to the injured.Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that he Centre is ready to provide all necessary help to the Punjab government at this hour of grief. He said he has spoken to Punjab home secretary and DGP regarding the accident. This is a breaking story. Details are awaited.
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